'The Office' recap: Jim and Pam live happily ever — wait, there's one more episode?

2013-05-10T16:05:00Z 2013-05-17T13:16:06Z 'The Office' recap: Jim and Pam live happily ever — wait, there's one more episode?David Wilcox, The Citizen Auburn Citizen
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(I'll be writing about every one of the last six episodes of "The Office" here at Citizen Pop.)

Last night's hour-long, penultimate episode of "The Office," "A.A.R.M.," put a delightful bow on nine years of weird, wonderful life at Dunder Mifflin.

So what do they do next week? You know, the show's actual finale?

• The drama between Jim and Pam was put to bed with a music video montage of their shared giggles and sideways glances. As quickly as entrepreneurial ambition turned Jim into a bad husband, the hollow thrill of toying with new manager Dwight on a daily basis turned him back into a good one. (Also, how did the documentary crew whip up that montage from nine years of footage so quickly?)

• Darryl said goodbye to the Dunder Mifflin staff in the sitcommiest of ways. After trying an "Irish goodbye" (where you don't say goodbye at all, and simply walk out), he's goaded into dancing his way out of the office by an outraged Erin, Stanley and a few others. The plotline wasn't just sitcommy because of all the goofball dancing, it was sitcommy because the script called for Stanley to care about something other than Pretzel Day.

• Andy waited in line for hours to audition for "America's Next A Cappella Sensation" only to be turned away, so he dashed into the judges' room — lorded over by Aaron Rodgers, Santigold and Clay Aiken — and failed to impress. He sobbed, and quite pathetically so. But we saw him again later in the episode recomposed, and seemingly having shaken off the rejection. Which, maturity-wise, is a lot of movement for "Boner Champ."

• Dwight asked Angela to marry him by running her off the road and accosting her with a megaphone — so, naturally, it was the best proposal we've ever seen on "The Office." Angela also confesses that her son, Philip, is indeed a Schrute. But the infant's drooly gaze at Dwight's Battlestar Galactica model was all the paternity test he needed.

• And, of course, the documentary finally aired. Honestly, the show could have ended there and I'd have been quite happy. It was a thoroughly pleasant moment: The Dunder Mifflin staff huddled together again at Poor Richard's, alight with tentative smiles toward the TV set, ready to see the last decade of their lives played back to them.

That's pretty much it. We have Dwight and Angela's wedding to look forward to, probably some fallout from the documentary, and of course that all-but-inevitable Michael Scott return cameo. I could also do with more Dwight-Jim circular hierarchy mind games, which were fun enough to convince me their regime should have succeeded Michael's immediately.

But last night's episode was heavy on resolution, which means next week's will probably be heavy on reflection. I think I'm ready.

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