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Dan Maffei

FILE PHOTO - Former Rep. Dan Maffei is running for Congress in the new 24th Congressional District. Maffei served from 2009 through 2010. He was defeated by Republican (and current representative) Ann Marie Buerkle in Nov. 2010. 

File Photo

Former Rep. Dan Maffei is finding himself in a fundraising duel with incumbent Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle, R-Onondaga Hill, as he seeks the Democratic nomination to challenge her in the 25th Congressional District race -- if it's still the 25th district -- in November.

According to his year-end fundraising report posted Tuesday, Maffei raised $218,811.83 and has $420,210.61 cash on hand. 

Buerkle's haul this fundraising period was slightly larger than Maffei's, but she has less cash on hand than the former congressman. Between contributions her campaign received and a transfer from the New York Congressional Victory Fund, Buerkle brought in $224,401.87. Her committee has $390,686.38 cash on hand. 

Maffei said in a recent interview that, so far, his campaign is receiving solid support from those who live in the district and people who choose to contribute to his campaign.

"Clearly we're getting broad support -- district and others. But there's clearly an appetite for our agenda out there. You can see it in our fundraising and you can see it in our retail events to the extent that we've been reaching out," Maffei said by phone. "Even people on the street who come up to me. I'm encouraged, but we're going to keep plugging at it."

Buerkle, whose campaign issued a release today calling this her "strongest fundraising quarter ever," thanked those who have contributed to her campaign.

"As we continue to fight for less government, lower taxes, and pro-growth policies that create jobs, more central New Yorkers join our effort," Buerkle said in a statement. "I am thankful for all of their support."

Here are some of the notable contributors to Maffei's campaign:

- Maffei received $19,500 from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The money came from a group of donors, most of whom gave $2,500 each. 

- Planned Parenthood's PAC gave Maffei's campaign $1,000. Both sides of the abortion debate have weighed in on this race, with Susan B. Anthony List -- a prominent pro-life group -- contributing to Buerkle's campaign. 

- Retiring Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank's campaign committee gave Maffei $4,000. Other prominent Democrats also chipped in. Rep. Steny Hoyer's campaign committee contributed $2,000 to Maffei's campaign. 

- The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare gave Maffei $2,000. The group has backed Maffei in the past, including his 2010 run for re-election.

Keep in mind that redistricting could affect this district. Lines aren't out yet (state Sen. Michael Nozzolio, who co-chairs the state's Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and Reapportionment, said proposed congressional maps would be out in the next few weeks), but Buerkle and Maffei are both prepared to run in this district or one similar to it.

Also in the running: Syracuse attorney Brianne Murphy. She is vying for the Democratic nomination along with Maffei.