As I write this, there are only a few people left in the office and I am winding down my work day before the Christmas weekend. But I wanted to sit down and thank some people before leaving town to spend the holiday with family. 

• Thank you to the readers of Eye on NY. It was a record-setting year for and the blog benefited from that boost in traffic. Some of you communicate with me by email or social media. I appreciate your continued readership and for following along. 

• Thank you to The Citizen for giving me this platform. Thursday was my eighth anniversary working at The Citizen. I started here as the online producer and now pull double duty as the newspaper's webmaster and political reporter. It has been a blast and 2018 should be another exciting year. 

• Thank you to my colleagues, past and present, for their friendship and hard work. Our current roster is a good one. Our editors Jeremy Boyer, Mike Dowd, Chris Sciria and David Wilcox make sure the pages you see on an (almost) daily basis look good. Our team of reporters — Megan Blarr, Natalie Brophy, Gwen Craig, Megan Ehrhart and Kelly Rocheleau — cover as much of Cayuga County and central New York as we can. Kevin Rivoli, our lone photographer, has been a great asset and enhances our stories with award-winning images. The sports duo of Jeremy Houghtaling and Justin Ritzel cover dozens of high school sports teams throughout the year. They, too, do their best to cover every inch of this county. 

Finally, Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you enjoy the holiday and get a chance to relax before the new year begins.