With less than seven months to go until the general election, U.S. Rep. Dan Maffei holds a big fundraising edge over Republican challenger John Katko in the 24th Congressional District race. 

Maffei, D-Syracuse, raised $315,230.52 between Jan. 1 and March 31 and has $1.1 million in the bank, according to his April quarterly filing posted on the Federal Election Commission's website. 

Maffei's cash on hand total at the end of the first quarter — $1,143,013.49 — is $1 million more than the amount Katko, R-Camillus, reported having in the bank in his his April quarterly filing. 

Katko has $101,532.67 in his campaign war chest, but didn't start to aggressively raise money until after March 1, when he won the Republican party designation to challenge Maffei

In his first campaign finance filing, Katko reporting receiving $60,650 in contributions. He also loaned his campaign $45,000. 

One of Maffei's biggest donors was the Oneida Indian Nation, which donated $2,600. The Oneidas and Maffei have something in common. The tribe has been one of the leading voices calling on the NFL's Washington Redskins to change their name. Maffei delivered a House floor speech in November backing the effort

Some of the other notable donors to Maffei's campaign include:

- Robert Congel, the founder of Destiny USA, contributed $1,000 to Maffei's campaign in the most recent filing period. 

- Michael J. Falcone and Michael P. Falcone, two prominent central New York real estate developers, each gave $2,600 to Maffei's campaign. 

- Robert Fontana, president and CEO of Aspen Dental, which has an office in Aurelius, gave $1,000. 

- M&T Bank Chairman and CEO Robert Wilmers contributed $2,500 to Maffei's campaign committee. 

- U.S. Rep. Adam Smith's political action committee, American Defense and Military PAC, donated the maximum $5,200 ($2,600 primary, $2,600 general) to Maffei. 

- Maffei's campaign received a $5,000 donation from American Federation of Teachers, a leading teachers union. 

- U.S. Rep. Ron Kind's PAC, BadgerPAC, gave $2,000. 

- Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz's leadership PAC, Democrats Win Seats PAC, contributed $5,000 to Maffei's campaign. 

- United Steelworkers PAC donated $5,000 for Maffei's re-election bid. 

24th Congressional District Fundraising Totals – First Quarter, 2014
Rep. Dan Maffei $315,230.52 $75,411.05 $1,143,013.49
John Katko $105,650.00 $4,117.33 $101,532.67

(Source: Federal Election Commission)

  Rep. Dan Maffei: April 2014 quarterly filing by robertharding22

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Of course he has a million. He is in non-stop fund raising mode. I get 2-3 emails a week from him or the DNC asking for money. Yet he wont answer a letter from his constituent. Its not about us folks, its about the money which most of us don't have to throw away. Isn't that all that matters to him, MONEY and staying in office? When are people going to stand up and demand the money be taken out of politics. All the more reason for campaign finance reform and term limits. If he wasn't raising money 24/7 he may be forced to do his job. does it bother anybody that congress has had 4 recesses already this year. how many weeks Vacation do you get a year if any.

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