Organizing for Action, a spin-off of President Barack Obama's presidential campaign, is lending its support to New York state groups advocating for campaign finance reform this year.

Fair Elections for New York, a coalition that includes Citizen Action of New York, the Working Families Party, Brennan Center for Justice and several progressive groups, will hold a conference call with OFA on Wednesday to discuss the legislative effort.

"Organizing for Action's support brings unstoppable momentum to the campaign for Fair Elections for New York," Citizen Action of New York Executive Director Karen Scharff said in a statement. "As our movement for publicly funded elections spreads across New York, we are confident that lawmakers will hear the voters and decide to transform our campaign finance system and restore our democracy during this legislative session."

The groups are pushing for a public campaign finance system for statewide elections. Gov. Andrew Cuomo included a proposal for such a system in this year's State of the State address.

In addition to Cuomo's public campaign financing system proposal, the governor also proposed tougher disclosure rules and lower contribution limits for state offices. 

Cuomo participated on a conference call earlier this month with the Fair Elections for New York coalition. On the call, the governor said he is hopeful that campaign finance reform legislation will be passed this year. 

"Today is the day. We have to get it passed," Cuomo said on the call. 

A recent Siena Research Institute poll found 61 percent of New Yorkers support implementing a public campaign financing system

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