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A new poll released Monday found nearly three-quarters of New York voters say they support reforming the state's campaign finance system by allowing public matching funds for small campaign contributions, lower contribution limits and tougher disclosure rules. 

The poll conducted by Global Strategy Group and Mercury Public Affairs — two firms on opposite sides of the political aisle — found 74 percent of voters support this proposal, while only 16 percent oppose it. 

Half of voters say it is extremely important to "address reducing the influence of money in politics," while 39 percent say it is very important to address the issue. 

Jefrey Pollock, president of Global Strategy Group, said voters feel campaign finance reform is key to ending the culture of corruption in Albany. 

"(Voters) believe that there's got to be something that is done to fix the culture of corruption in Albany and they think that campaign finance reform is certainly a key part of doing that," he said. 

The poll also found the state Legislature has poor job approval ratings. Of voters surveyed, 71 percent give the state Legislature a negative rating. A vast majority of those voters -- 82 percent -- said the reason for the state Legislature's poor job approval rating is corruption and money in politics.

The release of the poll comes on the same day that charges were filed against state Sen. John Sampson, a New York City Democrat. Sampson has been accused of embezzlement, among other charges.

"Sadly, today's latest scandal makes the point yet again," Friends of Democracy director and Public Campaign Action Fund executive director David Donnelly said in a statement. "There's not simply a crisis of corruption. But now there's a crisis of confidence in state government and it should be the work of every elected official to repair that lack of trust."

The poll's memo is posted below.