Stretch limo

A stretch limo. 

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U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer asked and the National Transportation Safety Board answered his call. 

The NTSB will begin investigating crashes involving limousines, Schumer, D-N.Y., announced Thursday. The agency is also making a couple of safety recommendations, including a requirement that modified limo van vehicles have multiple passenger exits. 

Schumer sent a letter to NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart after a fatal limo crash on Long Island. The collision, which occurred in July, killed four women who were on a wine tour in Suffolk County. 

Since the wreck, Schumer has pushed for stronger limo safety standards. He said tougher requirements are needed because some stretch limos are altered, which could put drivers and passengers in dangerous position. 

Schumer noted that one in four crashes involving stretch limos are side impact collisions. But when limos are altered, side airbags and other protections aren't added. 

One of the NTSB's actions is to recommend that the National Limousine Association requests its members post total passenger and luggage weight limits on any limos they have altered. 

"We need new rules and requirements from (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) to help address this dangerous situation as soon as possible," Schumer said. "Today's news puts us on that path.