A quick look at the calendar will tell you that it is now September. Yes, that means fall is right around the corner. But it also means that the start of the 2013 NFL regular season is upon us. 

For Buffalo Bills fans, there are a lot of questions entering this season. What will we see out of new head coach Doug Marrone and his staff? How long until rookie quarterback E.J. Manuel returns from injury? Will the defense improve on their horrible performance a season ago? 

I won't be able to answer all of those questions today. But I will be able to share my game-by-game predictions for the 2013 season.

WEEK 1: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

Prediction: New England 31, Buffalo 17

Bills record: 0-1

WEEK 2: Carolina Panthers at Buffalo Bills

Prediction: Carolina 27, Buffalo 20

Bills record: 0-2

WEEK 3: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets

Prediction: Buffalo 28, New York 13

Bills record: 1-2

WEEK 4: Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills

Prediction: Baltimore 20, Buffalo 13

Bills record: 1-3

WEEK 5: Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns (Thursday night)

Prediction: Buffalo 24, Cleveland 10

Bills record: 2-3

WEEK 6: Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills

Prediction: Cincinnati 30, Buffalo 13

Bills record: 2-4

WEEK 7: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins

Prediction: Miami 24, Buffalo 20

Bills record: 2-5

WEEK 8: Buffalo Bills at New Orleans Saints

Prediction: New Orleans 28, Buffalo 20

Bills record: 2-6

WEEK 9: Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills

Prediction: Buffalo 31, Kansas City 20

Bills record: 3-6

WEEK 10: Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills

Prediction: Pittsburgh 23, Buffalo 20

Bills record: 3-7

WEEK 11: New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills

Prediction: Buffalo 20, New York 17

Bills record: 4-7


WEEK 13: Atlanta Falcons at Buffalo Bills (in Toronto)

Prediction: Atlanta 34, Buffalo 20

Bills record: 4-8

WEEK 14: Buffalo Bills at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Prediction: Buffalo 17, Tampa Bay 13

Bills record: 5-8

WEEK 15: Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars

Prediction: Buffalo 27, Jacksonville 14

Bills record: 6-8

WEEK 16: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills

Prediction: Buffalo 23, Miami 20

Bills record: 7-8

WEEK 17: Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots

Prediction: New England 37, Buffalo 20

Bills record: 7-9


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