Week 2 was a little better for the Buffalo Bills. Okay, it was a lot better.

The Bills won their home opener 35-17 over the Kansas City Chiefs. It was a solid effort for the offensive and defensive units as the Bills won their first game of the season. 



C.J. Spiller continues to impress. He ran for 123 yards and two touchdowns today. He also had 47 receiving yards. 

The Bills passing attack was average. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick missed some throws, but he did connect with Scott Chandler and Stevie Johnson for touchdowns. 

There was some questionable play-calling at times, which affected the offense, but overall it was a solid performance for the Bills offense. 


The Chiefs scored two touchdowns in garbage time, but for most of the game, the Bills defense dominated the Chiefs. The defensive line was more active today. Kyle Williams had two sacks, Marcell Dareus had a sack and Mario Williams had two tackles and a fumble recovery. 

It was a promising performance for a squad that allowed New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez to pick them apart last week. The secondary was better, although they did allow Dwayne Bowe to catch two touchdowns late in the game. 


No complaints here. Leodis McKelvin's 88-yard punt return for a touchdown was one of the game's big plays. Brian Moorman punted very well for Buffalo. He averaged nearly 50 yards per punt, which helps in the field position battle. 


The Bills were better prepared this week, but I still have a bone to pick with Chan Gailey. His play-calling was questionable at times. When the Bills came out for the second half, they ran three plays out of the shotgun. Two of the plays were incomplete passes and the other was a short gain. 

In basketball, if a player is shooting the ball well, you get him the ball. Today, Spiller was running well against the Chiefs. Why not give him one or two cracks at the Chiefs in that situation? It boggles my mind.

This isn't the first time I've complained about the play-calling. It probably won't be the last. 

Game Ball

This week's "Game Ball" goes to Kyle Williams. Williams had three tackles and two sacks. He was a force in the trenches. That's exactly what the Bills need from the defensive line. 

Needs Improvement

Ryan Fitzpatrick. The quarterback needs to be steady. Fitzpatrick got better as the day went on, but he had some shaky moments. He missed a few easy throws. Simply put, Fitzpatrick needs to be good. He had a rough game last week and an average game this week. He doesn't have to throw for 400 yards every week, but he does have to be consistent. 

Up Next

The Bills will travel down Interstate 90 to Cleveland next Sunday for a 1 p.m. game against the Browns. 

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