"If there is no point of reference, there is no ability for learning." - Sean McLeod

One must always have something or someone to compare themselves to so they can measure their growth in whatever area they choose. The ability to truly communicate and learn from those you aspire to be like is magical because they are able to see where they once were, and help you to step over the potholes. For the mentor or teacher, this allows them to also reflect on where they were, where they are now, and plot where they would like to continue to grow. Here, International Performer and Choreographer, Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre Icon, and McLeod Technique Gold Standard Certified Teacher Lorienne Beals (of Italy) takes a moment to work with New York Institute of Dance & Education Product Director and Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre Soloist Kierstyn Zaykoski before a company performance in Valdagno, Italy. How are you willing to be vulnerable and allow yourself to learn from someone more established than you? #MTMonday