Mother's Day Press

Sunday May 10 is Mother's Day - Here are a few ideas to help teachers connect newspapers with this event:

Mother's Day Newspaper Template

Honor Mom by publishing your own Mother's Day newspaper. See template at the top of this blog post.

Kid Reporters Conduct a Mother's Day Interview:

Ask your Mother for an interview.* Arrange a time and date, and let her know about how many questions you plan to ask. (Teacher's note:The older the student, the longer the interview should/could be.)

Ask questions like:

How old was she when she had/adopted you?

What did she think when she first saw you?

What were her first thoughts about you after she brought you home?

What did she think about during your first birthday celebration?

What did she think about during your last birthday celebration?

What would she love for you to do for her on Mother's Day?

What does she enjoy most about being a Mom?

*Source: by Pamela Powell

All About Mom Newspaper Collages: take paper plates (but you could use posters,construction paper, etc) and in the middle I write, "What I Like Best About Mom"

Instruct each student to go through the newspaper and cut out words and pictures that make them think about their Mom. (For instance cut out the word April because Mom's birthday is then,cut out a picture of plants because Mom likes to garden, cut our letters to make any words you'd like but can't find).

Then they can paste the pictures and words on the paper plates (or paper) and have a collage all MOM. (Idea modified from a lesson by Karen Schulz, The Greenville News)


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