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Cornell University is said to be the prettiest Ivy League School in the United States, which is accurate in my opinion. Cornell’s campus is beautiful from every tree to every building. Each building has its own unique characteristics that show its fascinating history.

One of my favorite features of the campus is Sage Chapel. This chapel, opened in 1875, is the location where the founders of Cornell University are buried. Sage Chapel has the most detailed and gorgeous paintings on the ceiling, and the most intricate stained glass as well. One of the most interesting things about this building to me is that 14 people were buried in Sage Chapel. Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White, the founders of Cornell University were buried there. One visitor even left a note on Ezra Cornell’s grave, thanking him for the opportunity to go to school at Cornell.

Another feature of the campus is the clock tower, which is available to climb before the chime concerts start. If you climb the clock tower, you can stand on the balcony overlooking the campus or watch the chime concert performance (done by a “Chime Master”). The tower, also known as the McGraw Tower is 173 feet tall, and students or visitors must climb 161 steps to reach the top of the tower, where the 21 chimes are located.

My favorite part of Cornell University is the Andrew Dickson White Library. This library was nicknamed the Harry Potter library, due to its resemblance to the library in the Harry Potter films. This library has three carpeted levels, with walkways across to the other side, acting as a bridge. This library has a cozy feeling that seems extremely fun to study in.

Overall, the Cornell campus is a gorgeous one with many unique features. If you are looking for a beautiful college with the most exquisite architecture, Cornell is the place for you to be!