Name: Elane Daly

Municipality: Cayuga County

Office Sought: Legislator, District 11

Political Party Or Parties: Endorsed by Democrats, Working Families, Auburn First(Ind .) not registered in a party

Age: 63

Family Information: Married to Kevin Daly and have two adult sons, Greg and Chris Daly. Greg married to Kristin (Brannigan) Daly and they have a daughter, Lola.

Professional And Previous Political Experience: I retired from the Cayuga County Department of Health and Human Services after a 35+ year career. I began with the Department as a Public Health Nurse and completed by career serving 14 years as Director of the Department of Health and Human Services. I currently work part-time for East Hill Family Medicine as Manager of the School Based Dental Program. I have no prior political experience.

Education: I graduated from Niagara University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing

Message To Voters: After much thought and consideration I have decided to run for Legislator in District 11. I am a lifelong resident of the county and have resided in District for over 30 years. I care about this community and have spent my professional career working to strengthen it and address community needs. My motivation to run for office is to continue that commitment and involvement in county government. I would bring a wealth of experience to the job. After working for Cayuga County for over 35 years, I believe I would bring a unique perspective to the legislature. I would bring the voice of a nurse, the voice of a long-time county employee of the largest and most complicated department, and the voice of a volunteer board member of several local service organizations. In retirement, I continue to be an engaged member of the community, currently serving as a Trustee for Auburn Community Hospital and as a board member for Unity House and Lifetime Care. I think this long involvement in the delivery of necessary community services will be a constructive addition to the legislature. As the role of the legislature is to control the delivery of county programs, determine the use of county resources, pass county budgets and set county policy, my background will provide a strong foundation for the important work ahead. I have been busy going door-to-door to meet voters in my district and have found that a number of their concerns are issues also important to me. Efforts to protect our lakes and our drinking water source need to continue to move forward. There are a number of stakeholders involved, all needing to do their part with the county drawing the local entities together to coordinate and focus the effort. I support the work underway to update the Watershed Rules and Regulations and the development of a watershed based management plan. Controlling the property tax burden is important. Although there are a number of services the county provides that are State mandates, the county needs to be sure those services and the non-mandated services are delivered as efficiently as possible, avoiding unnecessary duplication. It is through these efforts that the county will be in a position to maintain necessary services at a cost the taxpayers can afford. I support the current effort to establish a capital plan and a capital reserve to set aside funds for future needs, particularly infrastructure needs. We need to look ahead and plan for larger county commitments, facility upgrades and replacements in an attempt to avoid unanticipated emergency spending that puts a stress on the county budget. I feel strongly that consistent leadership is needed to oversee the county's 143 million dollar budget. Once the next county administrator is appointed I feel the legislature should collectively support the success of the position by respecting roles and responsibilities, establishing a clear direction and giving ongoing feedback on job performance. As election day nears I am hopeful for the opportunity to serve as a representative for District 11. After my experience of the last several weeks as a candidate, I have a new respect for all who have run for office and served in public office. I wish the best for Cayuga County and would be honored to serve as your legislator.