Bob Sealy will sing Saturday at the Auburn Ale House.

Singer Bob Sealy hasn't toured tirelessly, he doesn't bring years of musical education to the stage, and he's not pouring his soul into personal ballads.

He's just a guy who likes to sing.

Sealy, who can count the number of gigs he's had on one hand, comes to the Auburn Ale House Saturday. With the aid of a laptop, he'll sing country and classic music to backing tracks. If it sounds like karaoke, it's probably because that's how Sealy's music career began.

"I wandered into a karaoke bar three or four years ago, sang a song and I kind of got hooked on it," he said.

Prior to the experience, Sealy's only public performance was his wedding, where he sang 28 years ago. But after his first time at the karaoke bar, it became a regular stop. About a month ago, the positive feedback led him to look for equipment and book a show.

Sealy's songbook mixes classics — Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, James Taylor — with country — Trace Adkins, Toby Keith, Jason Aldean. With his baritone, Sealy's first priority is being faithful to the music he covers. He studies and practices each song until he's sure he can match the original.

After only a few shows at the Red Rooster in Skaneateles, Sealy — who works for JR Auto Parts in Solvay — has already grown comfortable on the stage.

"Sometimes in a new venue, with the first song, I get a little nervous," he said. "But after that, it's over."

On the contrary, Sealy is eager to sing in front of bigger and bigger audiences as his new career blossoms. The more people who see him perform and enjoy themselves, the better.

"I'd take anything that came along, anytime, anywhere," he said. "But I can't see myself doing rap or heavy metal."

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