Name: Jamie Bailey

Municipality: Ledyard

Office Sought: Ledyard Town Clerk

Political Party Or Parties: I am a registered Republican who actively votes in all elections, from local to national. I am running on an Independent ballot with the support of our County Clerk, Sue Dwyer.

Age: 38

Family Information: I met my husband Mark, the fire chief at the Aurora Volunteer Fire Department while serving as a volunteer firefighter in King Ferry thirteen years ago. Mark and I have since established our family in Aurora, where community support and involvement continues to be a strong theme for our family. We have two daughters - Emma is 8 years old and in third grade, and Taylor is 6 years old and in first grade. Both attend Emily Howland Elementary School.

Professional And Previous Political Experience: Prior to shifting my focus on raising our children in 2009, I worked at an investment firm for 10 years and was also an office manager in a diverse workplace. I am a member of the Aurora Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary. I successfully advocated to restore the safety resource officer (SRO) position at Southern Cayuga Central School and also served on the Aurora Preschool Board.

Education: I Graduated from Southern Cayuga Central School in 1997 with a study in Criminal Justice.

Message To Voters: I have supported my community through a variety of endeavors since I was 14 years old because I love helping others. I am an ambitious and determined person with financial, management, and leadership skills and experience. I will perform all of my required job duties while creating a peaceful and cheerful environment. I am here for YOU, Ledyard community members!

For ALL the love of Ledyard, vote for Jamie Bailey on November 7th.