This month's column is dedicated to school teachers who are getting ready for a brand new year. It isn't easy keeping youngsters inspired to learn and try new things, so they have been relaxing and enjoying the summer recharging their batteries.

I work with teachers throughout the year who desire to stay healthy so they don't miss a school day. Being responsible for their students' well-being five days a week is mentally draining if they are not well prepared. They use chiropractic so they can keep up.

Teachers who embrace the mission to help children understand their jobs do not end at the last bell of the day. How they carry themselves outside the classroom speaks volumes about their philosophy of life and health.

For them, chiropractic confirms their purpose of bringing out in others what makes each of us innately special. Teachers want to bring out the best in their students the same way chiropractic brings out the best in their health and wellness. The chiropractic adjustment finely tunes the nervous system so teachers can be fully present in mind, body and spirit throughout their daily activities. Chiropractic is an important part of their preparation.

For these teachers who are dedicated to the education of children, they want to see children do more than test well in academics. They want them to grow up with character, confidence, personal initiative and a love of life. It is often troubling for them to see children who do not achieve their milestones.

Teachers work on themselves so they have more energy and motivation for their students, but sometimes they feel helpless. Educationally, they provide all they can and share their hearts hoping to inspire their students, but there are times when teachers cannot compete with something that is beyond their control.

Students come to school unable to benefit from the education process because they have developmental difficulties due to spinal cord tension that interferes with brain activity. The good news is the same gift that chiropractic gives to dedicated teachers is just as available to students.

Chiropractic for school success? Spine care isn't just for adults riddled with injuries. While children may complain of back pain on occasion, it is what they don't speak about that should be of concern. Our youngsters are not capable of discussing how stress affects them.

Children are just as susceptible to mechanical, chemical and emotional stress, and school difficulties may be the way it shows up. The way a child's brain perceives the world is greatly affected by spinal stress. Instead of back pain, children can exhibit acting out behaviors, hyperactivity, speech delays, sleepiness, poor coordination, and an inability to comprehend new concepts.

While this is the time teachers are preparing their classrooms for September, parents are also getting their children ready. New clothes and cool notebooks are on the minds of kids, but parents who are looking toward their futures will also include chiropractic.

Lisa Ann Homic, M.Ed. D.C., may be contacted at">

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