On this day in history in The Citizen: Aug. 8, 2017

Richard Searing, 15, has been given a $10 cash award in the Junior Editors Quiz column which appears in The Citizen-Advertiser daily. His question is the theme of today's column. Here the winner is checking a proof sheet of the column containing his question and the answer.

The Citizen file

Aug. 8, 1962

"What is our blood composed of?" was the question posed by an Auburn youth to The Citizen-Advertisers Junior Editors column today. The column is a daily, nationally syndicated Associated Press feature.

The 15-year-old East High School sophomore, who aspires to become a dentist, is Richard Searing, son of Mrs. and Mrs. Harold Searing of 26 1/2 Steel Street.

Richard's question appears in today's Junior Editors column with the answer. The prize-winning question won Richard a $10 check from the AP feature department.

Richard is interested in becoming a dentist. He says he takes great interest in the work of his dentist and has been encouraged to observe the dentist at work. Richard said today he is fascinated by the dentist's tools and likes people.

He likes to participate and observe baseball, his favorite sport. While he hasn't been able to attend all the Auburn Mets games, he has followed their season action as recorded on the C-A's sports page, and listens to all the out-of-town Mets games over Auburn radio station WMBO.

His favorite subject at school is biology and this fall he hopes to attain one of the manager spots on the Auburn High School's varsity football team. He is a member of the East High School Health Club.

Undecided about the college he will attend after high school, Richard wants to eventually set up his dental office in Auburn.

— Compiled by Kelsey R. Marquart