On this day in history in The Citizen: Aug. 13, 2017

Blue ribbon winners — Miss Linda Lawton and Neil VanLiew tie blue ribbons to the bridles of their horses after winning the cloverleaf-event at yesterday's horse show at the Big 6. Miss Lawton was the winner in the junior division and Mr. VanLiew came in first among the seniors. About 180 4-H riders participated in the show that marked the beginning of the 32nd Big 6 Picnic at Emerson Park.

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Aug. 13, 1962

Winds, fractious horses and blaring loud speakers were lively elements in the Big 6 Picnic scene at Emerson Park today, with crowds increasing as the day advanced.

Judging of livestock exhibits and of flowers and vegetables, food and clothing, went ahead on schedule, with red and blue ribbons and happy youngsters in evidence all over the grounds.

One youngster got kicked in the stomach by a gentle mare that was perhaps excited by too many people looking at her colt. A doctor was called, and in a short time Mary Kiefer of Skaneateles was said to be OK after the mishap.

Horses and livestock are housed in the 4-H shelter and in tents on the east side of East Lake Rd., across from the main park. Over in the dance pavilion are the "still life" exhibits — clothing, baked goods, flowers and vegetables.

A Juvenile Grange exhibit features bird feeders, jewel boxes, drawings and muffins that young Grangers between 5 and 14 years of age have made. The county has more than 100 of these members, in five juvenile Granges, and three of these youth units are exhibiting at Big 6. Mrs. Bernard Riester is in charge.

Nine horse clubs are represented on the Big 6 picnic grounds, with nearly 150 head of horses there, some of them very young foals. Youngsters, riding bareback and with saddles, leading horses, grooming them, feeding them, and now and then having a bottle of pop and a sandwich themselves, are much in evidence.

Sleek young Holstein heifers and steers were paraded this afternoon around the show ring by their proud owners and judged by Donald Bay of Rochester. Virginia Mitchell of Moravia won first in junior showmanship; Kenton Patchen of Locke in senior showmanship.

Joanne Mann, of Genoa, won a blue ribbon for her junior calf; Robert Randolph and Wendy Hatfield, both of Moravia, second and third for junior calves; Donald Woods, of Memphis, fourth.

— Compiled by Kelsey R. Marquart