Children's storytelling, vegetarian cooking lessons and "Angel Card readings" can all be found in one place today, A Novel Idea.

The new bookstore and cafe at 10 Seminary St. in Auburn recently opened and its employees have been working hard to offer interesting, free community events.

"We call our activities 'Something for Saturday,'" said bookstore manager Eileen Jerrett.

Every Saturday at 11 a.m. in December will feature different, free community based activities.

"Saturday mornings we offer storytelling and book reading for ages preschool and up," Jerrett said. "We felt it was much better for children than morning cartoons and more interactive. We hope children will become acquainted with a new book each time they visit."

Today's storyteller is Denise Bulgar, a case manager for the Center for Dispute Settlement in Auburn and a member of the community-based group Epic Parenting program.

"Epic Parenting Program stands for 'every person influences children,'" Bulgar said. "I was interested in doing anything that benefits children and was thrilled to be invited to read."

Bulgar initially got involved with A Novel Idea when she was asked by Jerrett to paint one of the many artistic ceiling tiles that adorn the cafe.

At 1 p.m. Colleen Jerrett, a recent graduate of Johnson and Wales Culinary Institute in Rhode Island, hosts a vegetarian Thanksgiving cooking class. With a major in vegetarian cooking, Jerrett promotes the non-turkey aspect of Thanksgiving. Jerretts' easy to create recipes may provide some alternatives to standard Thanksgiving fare.

Bulgar will return to A Novel Idea at 9 p.m. for "Angel Card readings." Angel Cards are similar to Tarot card reading, but some people believe angels tell a person how to lead their life and walk a path that will be more beneficial for them.

Bulgar will do private five-minute readings. "Angels are believed to be inner companions that can support ones' growth and bring understanding and direction," she said. "The Angel Cards offer an opportunity to deepen your wisdom, strengthen your self knowledge and connect with your inner light."

Bulgar tells people who wish to have a reading done to sit quietly and focus on an aspect of themselves they have questions about.

"Angel cards are a fun way to find life in harmonious and uplifting ways," Bulgar said. "This activity is recreational and fun."

"We're looking forward to presenting diverse events throughout the winter to keep the blues away," Jerrett said. "A Novel Idea is a place where all ages can find something interesting and unique to do."