Polling: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday, May 21, in the foyer of Cato-Meridian Middle School

Proposed budget: $18,704,405 -- +3.15 percent

Estimated tax levy: $5,620,777 -- +1.90 percent

Tax levy increase limit under tax cap law: 13.27 percent (simple majority - 50 percent plus one - needed to pass proposed levy increase)

Ballot propositions:

  • School buses: To purchase one 66-passenger bus at a cost of $130,000 and one 60-passenger bus at a cost of $120,000
  • Capital project: Capital improvements consisting of reconstruction of existing school buildings and and facilities, such as improvements to the roof of the middle school and security upgrades at the high school

School board candidates (three open seats, three-year terms):

Todd Kacur

Age: 54

Resides in: Conquest

Family: Married with two children, attending high school and college.

Education: BS Geology, Fredonia ’81; MS Science Education, Cortland ‘95

Elected offices held: Cato-Meridian Central School District Board of Education, May 2009-Present

What should be the top three priorities for the district?

1.) Provide a sound challenging education that is meaningful and appropriate for each individual child.

2.) Provide a safe and secure facility so that students may engage in learning without fear or distractions.

3.) Employ fiscal responsibility so that taxpayers are getting a well-rounded quality education for the children of this district with their tax dollars.

What can you bring to the school board?

My background brings four years of experience as a School Board of Education Member, seven years working in the private sector as a Petroleum Exploration Geologist and twenty-three years as a High School Earth Science Teacher, as well as being a parent of two children, one which is currently a student in the Cato-Meridian School District.

What will you do to ensure local parents are partners in decision-making for the district?

Parents need to take an active roll in the total education of their child, advocating for and supporting them in every school endeavor, whether it be studying for a test, attending a sporting event, school play, or concert, each aspect of a child’s education requires parent participation.

Why did you decide to run?

It is my desire as a citizen to volunteer my time and devote my effort for the children of our community.

Kathleen Bratt (information not provided)

L. Lee Epprecht (information not provided)

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