The number of arrests and calls for service continued to drop in the city of Auburn last month, along with the number of criminal investigations, police said. 

According to the Auburn Police Department's monthly activity report, there were 2,954 calls for service in October; that is roughly 250 fewer calls than the month of September. In addition, there were 13 fewer arrests (87 total), 15 fewer domestic violence cases (116 total) and 20 fewer drug investigations (20 total). 

However, some numbers did increase last month as police investigated six more fraud cases (14 total), three more robberies (3 total) and four more sex offenses (9 total). And while there were 28 fewer incidents (149 total) handled at city schools, officers reported two more school-related arrests (4 total). 

Meanwhile, the APD's Training and Planning Division coordinated firearms training for all officers during the month of October. The training, which is bi-annual, includes low light shooting, point shooting and officer injury drills. The training officer also reported over 1,200 hours of training were conducted in other areas throughout the month. 

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