AUBURN | A 44-year-old Auburn mother and her 2-year-old son were rescued by the Auburn Fire Department Wednesday after falling down a 35-foot embankment along the Owasco River, according to fire officials.

The mother was walking and pushing her child in a stroller on a path on Mill Street along the river around 8 p.m. Wednesday, according the the AFD. The mother lost her footing and she, along with the stroller and the toddler, fell 35 feet to the rocks beside the river. The area of the fall was north of the Mill Street dam on the west side of the Owasco River.

A passer-by heard the mother yelling for help and called the Auburn Police Department, which responded first to the scene, according to the fire department. The APD then called the AFD to assist with the rescue.

A rescue truck and specialized equipment were used to extricate the mother and child from the bottom of the embankment. Both victims were conscious and alert when they reached the top and were transported to Upstate University Hospital with unknown injuries.

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This is scary! This is something that people do not often consider when they are taking their children out for walks. As a person that works in EMS it is something that would put a lot of fear in me!! I give a huge shout out to AFD and APD for saving her! I wish her the best!! Something so innocent can turn so dangerous so quickly!!

not an Auburn lover
not an Auburn lover

I am very glad that this mother and child are ok. This area has quite a wide path to walk, I drive down there becaue it is so peaceful and beautiful. I question why would a mother push a stroller so close to the edge where the trees and hill are when there is so much safe area to walk? Why put that child in danger?

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