For the second year in a row, the Auburn Police Department, Auburn Police Local 195 and the Cayuga County Sheriff's Office will participate in the No Shave November campaign. But this year, many of the proceeds will stay in the community to help local families in need. 

According to a press release, members of the APD must pledge at least $50 to participate in the campaign. Male employees will be allowed to grow a beard, which is normally a violation of department policy, while female employees can wear a blue police baseball hat or add blue streaking to their hair. 

At the end of the campaign, officers can enter a contest via the department's Facebook page in which the public can vote on which member grew the best beard. The winner will have an additional $200 donated in their name on behalf of Local 195 and the chiefs of police. 

The department's goal is to raise $2,000. All of the money raised will help families in need for the holidays. The proceeds will specifically be used to purchase food and gifts at Christmas. 

"Giving back to our community is something that is important to our men and women who wear the badge and we are excited to participate in this event," Police Chief Shawn Butler said. 

Meanwhile, at the sheriff's office, deputies can also grow a beard or mustache during the month of November by donating $25 to the American Cancer Society. Sheriff David Gould waived the office's policy on shaving in order to raise awareness and funds to support cancer prevention, research and education. 

To donate, visit the APD's team page at or