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Police said an Auburn police officer suffered a concussion in an attack by a man Friday night.

Justin T. Gervais, 22, 123 Wall St., Apt. 3, was charged with second-degree assault, a class D felony, and resisting arrest, a class A misdemeanor.

According to a news release, officers responded to a domestic disturbance at Gervais' apartment. Officers contacted Gervais, who was upset by the presence of police, the release said. The release said the officers investigated the situation and left without incident but later returned for a noise complainant after Gervais reportedly banged on a neighbor's door, believing that the neighbors prompted the police appearing earlier.

Gervais initially refused to open the door when officers arrived, police said, but opened the door shortly after. The release said officer Morgan Flickner confronted Gervais after he walked down the stairs. Flickner told Gervais he was under arrest for a noise violation, and Gervais tried to run back up to his apartment.

Flickner grabbed Gervais to stop him from reaching his apartment door, police said, and Gervais tried to push the officer down the stairs and then grabbed her hair, pushing her head to top of the stairs and striking her head. Gervais then punched Flickner in the head four to five times after getting on top of her, the release said.

Police said that Flickner hit Gervais in return and tasered him when he tried to get into his apartment, the release said. Police said the taser was not effective, as full contact wasn't made, and Gervais took the taser from Flickner's hand. Flickner then used her oleoresin capsicum stray on Gervias' face, which made Gervais compliant, the release said.

Flickner was taken to Auburn Community Hospital for head and face injuries, and was diagnosed with a concussion.

Gervais was arraigned at Auburn City Court and was remanded to the Cayuga County Jail with no bail. His next day in court is Tuesday.