The Board of Trustees at Cayuga Community College will meet with the former president of a SUNY school this week after postponing the visit previously scheduled with three other candidates for presidency.

After working with a company called The Registry to choose three candidates for the soon-to-be open position of college president, CCC was notified this weekend that one applicant, Dennis Michaelis, recently accepted a position at a school in St. Louis, Mo. and was no longer in the running. Board chairman Jeff Edwards said that the visit from the other two candidates was postponed at that point in order for the school to regroup and make sure they had a sufficient number of people to choose from.

But instead of going back to The Registry, Edwards said the board turned to a list of SUNY employees given to them prior to selecting the first group of candidates and decided to reach out to Dr. Gregory DeCinque, the recently retired former president of Jamestown Community College.

"We said, 'let's try and plug in a candidate from here to that third slot,'" said Edwards. "I had a great talk with (DeCinque) and it seemed like he was the piece of the puzzle we were missing."

Wednesday's visit from the other two Registry candidates, Gregory Adkins and Lawrence Weill, had already been called off, but the board chose to meet with DeCinque during that time. He will tour the campus and meet with the Board of Trustees before Wednesday's meeting, to which the school says it has also invited a representative from each of CCC's bargaining units.

DeCinque served as president of Jamestown Community College from 1994 until his recent retirement in August 2013. Edwards said DeCinque also has experience leading a college out of fiscal exigency, which CCC declared in July, and his doctoral dissertation focused on collective bargaining.

"If he's interested, he'll fit right in," Edwards said.

The board originally planned to have an interim president in place by Nov. 4, when current president Daniel Larson's retirement becomes effective, but the hiring also has to be approved by the SUNY Board of Trustees. Edwards said it could be longer before the appointment is official, meaning Larson may stay on as president for another couple of weeks until that happens.

"It had to go perfectly in order to get someone here by that date, and it didn't," Edwards said. "But that's normal. Things don't always go perfectly."

CCC is holding informational sessions with DeCinque throughout the day Wednesday so employees and students can get to know him, and a survey will be sent out following his interview asking for feedback from the campus community. Edwards said the board will decide after Wednesday's meeting which candidate, if any, the school wants to move forward with.

"Maybe we'll make a decision then, maybe we won't," he said. "We'll see where we are as a board and go from there."

Staff writer Kelsey Durham can be reached at (315) 282-2237 or Follow her on Twitter @CitizenDurham.

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