AUBURN | After six years leading Cayuga Community College, school president Daniel Larson announced plans to retire next month.

At a special meeting called for Wednesday night, the Board of Trustees voted 6-2 to carry a resolution approving the president's retirement effective on Nov. 4. Trustee John Klink was absent and trustees John Camardo and Melina Carnicelli voted in opposition but said it was simply due to the terms and wording of the resolution, though they did not elaborate.

Larson said he began thinking about retiring last summer and informed board chairman Jeff Edwards that it was a possibility.

"As a senior leader, this is the time you start to think about retirement and wonder when is the right time," Larson said. "I'm welcoming the opportunity now to move forward with other activities in my life."

As trustees cast their vote one by one, many prefaced it with kind words about Larson and the work he's done for CCC, thanking him for his service. When the resolution was approved, Edwards read from a prepared statement and recognized Larson for the projects he's pushed forward.

"His vision and leadership helped the College establish a new and larger home for our Fulton Campus and laid the groundwork for several initiatives that provide a path of where Cayuga can head in the future," Edwards said. "We wish him a happy, prosperous, and fulfilling retirement."

Larson's retirement comes amid months of financial struggles and faculty layoffs, with seven more employees receiving notice this week that their positions would be cut on Dec. 31. He said that the recent budget problems were a factor in his decision to retire but were not what sparked the thought process.

"It's certainly been a challenge and there's no question it was part of the factors," Larson said, "but the work is never really done and there's never any good time to say, 'it's time to go.'"

CCC's board will search for a replacement. Edwards said the school has started working with a company called The Registry, a national firm specializing in higher education leadership, and hopes to have three candidates ready for interviews by mid-October. He said they are simply looking for someone with strong leadership skills and a background as a college president.

Larson said that as he moves on to the next chapter of his life, he plans to remain in the community and continue to be involved in its projects.

"The future of Cayuga is challenging, yet ripe," he said. "It's been an honor to serve as president of Cayuga Community College."

Staff writer Kelsey Durham can be reached at (315) 282-2237 or Follow her on Twitter @CitizenDurham.

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Lets hope it's not to late, it is Long over due. 6 more lay offs is sad. The budget gap may be bigger than he claimed.


It is too late for some people.Their lives are affected permanently. Now if they can get rid of a couple other Vice Presidents and one particular Dean, they might be able to make some major inroads in restoring morale and confidence.


Don't be fooled, he was 'allowed' to retire instead of being fired like he should have been! Obviously the board of trustees had to act supportive because they are as much at fault for this mess as Larson is, the board was not doing it's job of being stewards of the college, the outrageous spending on travel, architects and failed projects has been ongoing since he took office, and the board didn't rein in the spending until they realized just how bad things had gotten. Monday, 6 more of us lost our jobs because of this administration, every last one of them should have been shown the door tonight. They have ruined us! These were in addition to 3 others in August. This doesn't even count those who have jumped the sinking ship and found other jobs in fear of being cut. And yet they claim none of these cuts impact students! The press release this news story is based on is a fairytale as are all the 'quotes', they were written by the PR office for the board to read aloud tonight!


One down, six to go.


If Larson had been considering retiring since last summer why wouldn't he take the opportunity to do so when the union presented him with a "Vote of No Confidence" this past spring? It is too late for some people, which is a tragedy, but at least now the remaining faculty can breathe a sigh of relief and get back to doing what they do best; Teach.


The employees got layed off, he got paid off. The BoT looks foolish, the first step to fixing ccc should have been to fire him.


Finally! Now it's time for an investigation and full accounting of just what happened over the last few years to bring the college to its present fiscal condition and who if anyone has profited. What happened up in Fulton where the college paid way over market value for property and a landlord continues to rake in some $80,000 a month for an unused facility? What ties does the college have to this so-called State St Corridor development and who may have organized it? Who are the secret investors in the hotel that was always tied into the theater project? What happened to people or elected officials who asked questions or may have stood in the way of the plans? What relationships, if any, does this newspaper or any of the columnists have with groups of influence or the college? It's time for a full public accounting in order for the college and city to move forward. In my opinion, there's a lot more than meets the eye and the taxpayers have been kept in the dark, maybe by design.


Not soon enough 1/2million in debt you should step down,dorms what a brilliant idea Larson you pay for them out of your retirement check dont leave the tax payerto foot the bill manup the representation that the residents received that were against this project was outstanding Mr Barski thank you ypi deserve a raise maybe not as much as perposed but something you put up with alotof greef. For what you getyou are always around the district to address any issues or tojust say hello.


Hopefully a reporter will FOIL Larson's 'retirement' agreement, how much did the county/taxpayers have to 'pay' him to retire??? This is just wrong on so many levels, hardworking, dedicated staff are laid off which hurts the students and Larson gets the college into financial exigency but walks away with a pat on the back and a pocketful of money! Aside from being a soon-to-be-unemployed long-term staff member here, I am a taxpayer and this is a travesty. The Board of Trustees have done this community a great disservice, a farmer? retired teacher? a couple legislators (who just voted themselves a hefty raise)? only 1 member even has higher ed experience? These people are no more qualified to run this college than you or I. This 6-yr Larson spending spree was a waste, where is the accountability to the public that supports this institution and the people who staff it? Larson and the 'management' at CCC should be on the unemployment line instead of the rest of us who did nothing wrong!!

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