Cayuga Community College is one step closer to building an on-campus dormitory after recently reviewing architectural plans at the college's December meeting.

According to a press statement released on the college's website, the Cayuga Community College Board of Trustees looked over architectural plans — presented by the Hueber-Breuer Construction Company and the Holmes Kings Kallquist & Associates — for a 300-bed residence hall.

Under the proposed plans, the four-story, v-shaped dormitory would be built on the vacant space near the corner of Prospect and Franklin streets and feature a mix of single and double suites. The residence hall would also include a fitness center, multiple study lounges, an outdoor terrace and a classroom decked out with computers.

Calculated to cost $20.8 million, the college would pay for the project with tax-exempt bonds paid back with students' rent, reported the release. The dormitory would be managed, at first, by EdR Collegiate Housing until the college could build its own residential life program.

Daniel Larson, president of CCC, said he believed the proposed project would allow the college to "meet the desires and expectations of our students, many of whom seek on-campus housing."

"We believe it will encourage those from outside the area to consider attending Cayuga as well as help attract local students who are looking for the residential college student experience," Larson said.

John Camardo, chair of the college's board of trustees, said the college planned to discuss the residential hall project with the public early in 2013 before deciding the college's next step with the proposed project.

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This project will directly compete with tax paying property owners and as such, a PILOT agreement should be set up, where since the college isn't taxed, payments in lieu of taxes should be made. Municipalities across the nation are trying to deal with shortfalls and some are seeking payments from colleges and universities for services. This would be a perfect time to do so here. Mr Camardo knows all too well the budget problems that the city faces and makes it a point to keep taxpayers in mind in all of his votes, which is greatly appreciated. What impact will this project have on city and school finances and the ability of some landlords to stay above water? Hundreds of thousands in revenue to the city, county and school district are at risk, please do a study before moving forward.

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