AUBURN | Cayuga Community College's board of trustees rejected all bids for the construction of a new State Street theater Wednesday afternoon in the wake of a court decision ruling the project's original environmental review was inadequate.

In a unanimous vote cast at the board's monthly meeting, the trustees voted to dismiss all bids — temporarily halting the bidding process for building the Schwartz Family Performing Arts Center — until after the county conducted a new State Environmental Quality Review assessment.

The Appellate Division's decision, issued by the Rochester court in the beginning of June, ruled that Auburn improperly conducted its first SEQR by declaring the demolition would have no environmental impact on the city while still acknowledging the process could potentially have a largely negative effect on the environment.

Speaking to trustees' concerns, Dan Larson, president of CCC, said the new SEQR was out of the college's hands.

"The county really needs to be the lead agency," he explained.

As the legislator representing Ledyard, Scipio and Springport, George Fearon said the Legislature might work on the review assessment at its next meeting.

"The county may be willing to move on this," Fearon said. "They've got to do their due diligence."

Although the court's decision presented the theater with a few new setbacks, Larson said previous preparations made the situation easier. Because most of the paperwork needed to complete the new SEQR already existed, Larson said the process wouldn't take as long or entail as much labor as it originally had.

And although Larson said CCC would need to start the bidding process for contractors from scratch, he said many of the bidders would simply resubmit their offers when the process restarted.

However, due to the need to complete a new SEQR review for the theater project, Larson said the Schwartz Family Performing Arts Center would not be ready for use until the fall of next year, a few months after the previously hoped-for start date.

Staff writer Samantha House can be reached at 282-2282 or Follow her on Twitter at Citizen_House.

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why waste the money on a new theatre when there is already one avail. you idiots in politics. auburn is not a huge community to support all this wastefull crap! CCC has their own theatre, there is the the Shine theatre that counld be refurbished for about the same as demolishing the Kalet building and then building a new one.....makes you wonder if there are any kick backs

Git r done

Come on, people. What more do you need to know? Take that money and restore the Schine. The building is a blank slate waiting for $10 million dollars to bring it back to glory. Why would a foundation (and "leaders of the community") not act to preserve it's historic buildings and community history?? Is it really do important to perpetuate old grudges and past family feuds?? Someone answer me! Why should personal battles even enter into this?!

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