AUBURN | City councilors are going to take another look at the proposed two-year labor agreement between the city and Auburn Police Union 195.

This comes after a tentative contract agreement was rejected during the Auburn City Council meeting on Dec. 20 after a six-month period of negotiations. Following the 3-2 council rejection of the proposed deal, City Manager Doug Selby and union representatives met with an independent mediator from Cornell University to discuss the contract in greater detail.

City council members were briefed on the mediation sessions and the resolution was approved to appear on Thursday night's docket for further consideration.

Nothing in the proposed contract's terms has changed, Selby said. The only item that has changed is the resolution itself to reflect new dates and that the mediation sessions had transpired.

"It's basically a do-over now that we've gone through the mediation process," Selby said.

The new deal would include a 2 percent wage increase for the first year and a wage freeze for the second year. Officers have also agreed to give up their uniform allowance totaling approximately $1,200 a year.

Auburn police officers were disappointed when the contract was rejected in December. The old contract ended July 1 and the new two-year agreement was going to be retroactively applied.

The previous contract proposal was rejected in a 3-2 vote, with the majority of councilors concerned that the contract did not address major issues, such as health care insurance, and would end up hurting the city in the long run.

Councilor Peter Ruzicka, who was one of the three councilors to previously reject the contract, declined to comment whether or not the mediation had swayed his vote.

"We'll see at tomorrow's meeting," he said.

Staff writer Greg Mason can be reached at 282-2239 or Follow him on Twitter at CitizenMason.

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