A central New York contractor was arrested Tuesday and charged with a felony for failing to provide proper coverage to his employees during a project in Cayuga County, the New York state inspector general said. 

According to a press release, 37-year-old Steven Pollot was charged with the workers' compensation crime of failure to secure compensation. 

Following an investigation, Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott found that Pollot — the owner of D&S Home Improvements-Property Maintenance — has never obtained workers' compensation coverage for his employees. Specifically, Scott said Pollot did not cover himself and seven employees during a siding and roof repair project in Cayuga County in 2015. 

"This contractor's alleged fraud left his workers vulnerable, enabling him to pocket extra profits while also giving him an unfair advantage over honest New York businesses," Scott said. 

Pollot allegedly confirmed he had employees on the 2015 project, including several he hired through Craigslist. Under state law, employers must obtain workers' compensation coverage for anyone they employ. 

New York State Police and Cayuga County District Attorney Jon Budelmann assisted in the investigation. 

Pollot, of Waterloo, was arraigned in the Aurelius Town Court and released on $1,000 cash bail. He is due back in court Dec. 6.