IRA — Town of Ira board members discussed over $200,000 worth of repairs planned for Ira's roads during a regular town board meeting on Wednesday.

Michael Hesse, Ira's highway superintendent, explained that 1.5 miles of Watkins Road will be repaved from Mott Road to Ira Station Road, and the portion of Watkins Road that was repaved last year from Mott Road to Route 34 is going to be rechipped. The nearly 3 mile road was split into two phases for budgeting purposes, Hesse said.

The estimated cost to repave Watkins Road is $156,520, Hesse said. "This is a little higher of an estimate," so the project should come in under that price. Rechipping the other half of Watkins Road is estimated to cost the town $28,500, Hesse said.

Fortunately, this year paving oil is 10 cents cheaper per gallon than it was last year when the first installment of Watkins Road was paved, Hesse said. In contrast, "with chip stone there is a huge increase." The price on the stone goes up on April 1, so Hesse is "hoping to have all stone hauled this month."

Sunnyside Road, Misty Meadows Drive, and Regan Lee Lane will also be rechipped, Hesse said. To reseal the 1.5 miles in the Misty Meadows housing development will cost an estimated $19,968.

"Just kinda doing some rough math here, you've got over $200,000 worth of projects here, and we're not really sure on some of the money," Ira Supervisor James Lunkenheimer said.

"Yes we are," Hesse said. "We're not going to get winter recovery (additional state funding Ira received last year), but the other two are pretty much set in gold. We'll know by April, and we're not going to do any road work before April.

Although all of the road work amounts to "$239,000 and change," Hesse said, Ira is "projected to get about $116,000" in state funded money, "which is over half our budget," Hesse said.

About $96,000 is coming from Pave NY, which is a new program under the State Fiscal Year State Transportation Plan that helps municipalities rehabilitate and reconstruct local highways. Ira is receiving another grant, amounting to roughly $20,000, from The Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS).

"I have every bit of confidence that Pave New York and our CHIPS will not be touched," Hesse said.

No motions were made during the meeting as the town board decided to wait until the official security of the grants in April before approving the road work.

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