AUBURN | Karol Soules will once again be the Auburn school board president, but Dia Carabajal will have to wait to find out if she will continue as vice president.

The Auburn Enlarged City School District Board of Education held its annual re-organizational meeting Thursday to choose board leadership, choose who will serve on committees and vote on personnel and calendar items.

At the previous meeting, Soules and Carabajal announced their wishes to be president, but Carabajal said if she was not voted in as president, she wanted to remain vice president.

Member Jason Lesch also expressed a desire to be vice president.

When the vote came Thursday, Soules was voted in as president, 5-3, with member Diane Long absent. When the vote for vice president came, four voted for Carabajal (Carabajal, Eli Hernandez, Amanda Sigona and Michael McCole) and four voted for Lesch (Lesch, Soules, Kathleen Rhodes and Sam Giangreco).

Superintendent J.D. Pabis, who is still superintendent until Constance Evelyn takes over Aug. 1, said the vote must be postponed until there is a full board.

"The vote is tied," he said. "You cannot vote with a tie."

Soules said she is excited to continue the projects that started in the 2011-12 school year and is happy the board chose her to lead.

"I'm thrilled that I have the confidence of the board to continue as board president," she said.

Carabajal would not make any predictions about how Long will vote the next time the full board is together.

"Four people have voted for me, four people for Jason, so that leaves our absent member to vote," Carabajal said. "My fate is I'm still a board of education member and I can be a successful board of education member from any seat in the room."

In other news:

* The board discussed an agenda item involving the board's legal authority to require district employees to be examined by a physician. The item, which ultimately was approved 5-3, gives that authority to the superintendent instead of the board.

"We made the decision last year that we would be the ones deciding that," Hernandez said.

Lesch said he would rather the superintendent have the authority to send an employee for a mental or physical exam because, if the employee were a danger to students, the full board would not have to meet before ordering an exam.

"I don't want to wait around for the board if there's an issue," he said. "If you wait a couple days for us to have a meeting, it could be too late. ... I view it as a safety issue."

Staff writer Kelly Voll can be reached at 282-2239 or Follow her on Twitter at CitizenVoll.

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