A man dubbed the "McDonald's Killer" is facing life in prison after a jury found him guilty Thursday of assaulting and injuring a corrections officer.

According to the Cayuga County District Attorney's Office, a jury in Cayuga County Court found Michael Brooks, 39, guilty of felony second-degree assault, determining the former Queens man attacked a corrections officer in 2011 when the man attempted to search Brooks' Auburn Correctional Facility cell, injuring the officer's left rotator cuff.

Brooks represented himself during his jury trial. Although the inmate was found guilty of assault, the jury dismissed a charge accusing Brooks of promoting prison contraband by keeping a weapon in his cell.

At the time of the Feb. 12 assault, Brooks was serving 34 years in prison for shooting and killing a man while robbing a Queens McDonald's in 1998, shooting another man after forcibly stealing money from him and robbing three businesses.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Chris Valdina, who prosecuted Brooks' latest case, said the defendant has received nearly 30 disciplinary violations — in some cases for assaulting staff members — since he entered the state's prison system, continuing his violent lifestyle behind bars.

"Brooks was a stick-up man and a killer," Valdina said. "He has proved himself incapable of living by society's rules even while incarcerated."

The defendant, also known as Michael Chamblee, is set to be sentenced on March 14. Valdina said Brooks faces a mandatory life sentence of between 12 to 25 years to life in prison based on his prior felony convictions.

"We will ask the court to impose the maximum sentence of 25 to life." Valdina said. "The mandatory life sentence will protect the rest of us, but we cannot forget that the brave men and women of DOCCS will still have to deal with this violent criminal."

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Another reason for NY bringing the Death sentence back....why let this man just live out his sentence in the DOC system where men and woman work to earn a living and support their families and are law obiding citizens just to have their lives in jepordy for another 25 to life........just more ppl he can hurt.

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