AUBURN -- Music filled the air Sunday as five local bands donated their time and talent to benefit the ultimate live music fan at Jimmypalooza III.

To this year’s beneficiary, Rick Ganey, the local live music scene is a shred of its former self compared to 40 years ago. But for six hours inside the walls of Tidal Wave Lounge at Falcon Lanes in Auburn, friends and family joined Ganey to relive the music of their youth and help out a man who was always in the front row.

“He (Ganey) is a dedicated fan of all local bands,” said Mike Gallaro, a three-year volunteer of Jimmypalooza. “He was always in the front row.”

Ganey hasn’t been able to work since November due to the debilitating effects of lupus, a chronic inflammatory disease with symptoms ranging from joint inflammation and fatigue to short-term memory loss and depression. The husband and father of five hopes the funds raised will ease the financial burden of everyday living expenses such as utility bills and the mortgage on his home.

“We’re behind on everything,” Ganey said. “We’ve gone broke on co-pays.”

Not only has the disease directly affected his income; it has affected his outgoing personality. Ganey struggles everyday with symptoms of short-term memory loss, depression and anxiety, which limits his social activities. However, after spending the day surrounded by excellent live music, good food and loved ones, Ganey said on Sunday he was feeling like himself again.

“It’s great seeing everybody here,” Ganey said. “It’s like a reunion, we’ve all known each other for 40 years.”

Monetary donations can be sent to Rick Ganey Benefit Fund, c/o First Niagara, 268 Grant Ave., Auburn, NY 13021.

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Jimmypalooza III 4/28/2013
On behalf of our children, Nick, Samantha, Alexis, Jakey & Ainsley… We, the Ganey family, would like to extend our deep and sincere gratitude for the kindness shown to us by this beautiful community, Auburn, New York.

Your energy and passion has been so very sustaining to all of us during this difficult time.

The outpouring of love has been overwhelming...

I sincerely tried to speak with everyone who attended and thank them personally, I just ran out of time and energy. If I missed anybody, it certainly wasn't personal. I saw so many people who I have loved and admired for what seems like forever. Thank you…

We want to extend a special thank you to Jane Stebbins & Mike Skowron for being the catalyst and driving force behind these events every year, the Aubin Family who I have known 50 years, to Jimmy who is truly like a brother to me for selecting our family during this time of uncertainty and hardship.

Then this wouldn't have been possible without the selfless contributors and their generous donations, the planning committee, kitchen staff, who didn’t do this for advertising or to see their names in lights. They did it because Auburn takes care of its own. I wish everyone had the opportunity to grow up in the era of unbelievably talented musicians playing somewhere every weekend, that they got to go to experience the Lake Dances, the never ending parties at Owasco Lake, Poolos and the era of Peace & Love that we did. To my sister Peggy & niece Mary who always have my back, I love you.

To the bands, I simply cannot believe how talented you guys are! Monster Billy Colvin, Duke Shanahan, Buddy Barrett, Dave Chitambar, Mike Skowron, Mike Burns and my new friends with Last Train Out it was my extreme pleasure to rock out and even join the stage with some of my musical heroes! I was fortunate to be in the presence of approx. 300 of the most giving coolest people ever.

I may never get my voice back from laughing with Brian Hester, Bobby Krause, Jake Leonello & Squirt-John Corning and everybody else I have forgotten already. (Pretty sure Jenne just hit the “Like” button for me remaining mute.

Nancy Robinson and her family who has endured tragedy after tragedy of the past couple of years, I treasure our friendship of 40+ years.

We are so grateful to be part of such a caring and giving community. We wish that we could say “thank you” to each of you personally.

We would like to thank the Citizen Advertiser for bringing so much recognition to this event.

It is our hope that this somehow conveys the intense gratitude that we feel for each kind deed that was shared with our family.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Peace & Love


Rick & Jenne Ganey
Nick, Sam, Lex, Jakey & Ainsley (Frankie the Lab & Freddie the Corgi)

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