A decade-long event will live to see another year thanks to support from Auburn's Rotary Club.

The annual RISE and Walk fundraiser for breast cancer was scheduled to be held on Sunday but was canceled due to fees charged by the city to use the Showmobile stage and fees to hang a banner across Genesee Street.

Those costs combined with a lack of sponsorship to pay the insurance required by Auburn for public events were the biggest factors in the fundraiser's cancellation.

On Sunday, event officials received some good news.

After hearing about the cancellation on Friday, the Auburn Rotary Club inquired about establishing a partnership for the event this year and for the future, Auburn Rotary Club Board Member Ed Helinski said.

“It was felt by Auburn Rotarians that this event and cause is too important to face any cancellation,” he said.

Some logistics still have to be sorted out and an exact location has not been decided. Organizers are looking at Loop Road, Market Street and Hoopes Park. The exact location will be announced early this week, they said.

RISE founder Stacy Petrosino was beyond thrilled with the news that the event would continue.

“It feels like there are angels around us and they are one of our angels who have really stepped up to help us,” she said. “It's my passion, it's my baby and I'm just so genuinely touched. There are no words to express how I feel other than I see them as a blessing and angel.”

The 11th annual RISE and Walk fundraiser for breast cancer will run from noon to 3 p.m. Oct. 14. Anyone with questions can contact Stacy Petrosino at (315) 224-7218.

Staff writer Sistina Giordano can be reached at 282 -2237 or sistina.giordano@lee.net. Follow her on Twitter at CitizenGiordano.

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