In a few weeks, Mark's Pizzeria's Skaneateles location will move to a larger location across town.

The pizza shop will make its move from its West Genesee Street shop in a strip mall near the western border of town to 1388 E. Genesee St., in the former Snap Fitness building.

Mike Harvard, who co-owns the shop with Jamie Schneider, said Mark's has remained in the same location since it opened in February 1999.

"The opportunity came up," Harvard said as to why the pizza shop is moving.

The new location is larger and more accessible. The shop will have space for dine-in customers, as well as take-out. The West Genesee Street locale doesn't have an eat-in option. Besides that, the East Genesee Street property comes with more dedicated parking spaces.

Parking is a sore subject at the current location after the Western Gateway Improvement Project, Harvard said.

"It's more of a hassle, a headache. It make business more difficult, the traffic flow isn't as easy," he said.

Delivery trucks full of supplies have a difficult time navigating the drive in with the project's curbing and medians, he added.

"Even with my truck, it's hard to swing in and fit into one of the parking spaces," Harvard said. "The gateway isn't as great as it seems on paper."

With more accessibility and parking at the new location, Harvard said, "We're excited to be moving."

A sign hanging from the window announces the move, but Harvard doesn't have an exact date. The plan is to close one day at the current location, and open the next day in the future space.

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