The longtime elected town clerk in Skaneateles took a big step toward becoming the next town supervisor on Tuesday.

Janet Aaron soundly defeated incumbent James Lanning in a Republican Party primary for Skaneateles supervisor. Aaron received 447 votes to 287 for Lanning, according to the Onondaga County Board of Elections.

The victory means Aaron has all of the ballot lines for supervisor in the November general election. She already had secured the Independence Party and Conservative Party lines, and she is on the independent Skaneateles Party line. There are no Democratic Party candidates for that seat this year.

Aaron has been the clerk in the town for 22 years. "I've been thinking about (running for town supervisor) for a while, but it wasn't until late spring that I really started focusing on my interest in that position," Aaron said earlier this month. "I had many people come to me and encourage me to run ... and I felt that I had pretty much reached my goal in the town clerk's office." 

Lanning, who defeated Democrat Mary Sennett in a tight supervisor race in 2015, had previously served on the village of Skaneateles Board of Trustees. 

In addition to the supervisor primaries, Skaneateles GOP voters chose candidates for two seats on the town board. Mark Tucker (457 votes) and Kevin McCormack (450) defeated Dessa Bergen (298). McCormack and Tucker both have the Conservative line secured while Bergan and McCormack will be on the general election Independence Party line. Democratic incumbents Constance Brace and Claire Howard have secured their party's general election ballot lines and are also on the independent Skaneateles Party line.

Conservative Party voters in Skaneateles backed incumbent Michael Plochoki in a Onondaga Legislature District 6 primary that featured an opportunity-to-ballot write-in line. The Marcellus resident already has the GOP line secured. In the general election, he'll face Democratic candidate Joe Paduda of Skaneateles. District 6 includes the towns of Skaneateles, Spafford, Marcellus and Otisco.

Meanwhile, in a battle of two Republican Elbridge Town Board members, Vernon Richardson (304 votes) defeated Rita Dygert (162 votes) in a Republican primary. In a Conservative Party primary, Dygert secured 14 votes against 12 write-in votes that as of Tuesday night were not specified by the elections board. Dygert has the Independence Party ballot line secured for the November general election, and no Democratic Party candidates will be on the ballot.

In addition to the supervisor primary, Elbridge voters in the Republican Party helped carry their current supervisor, Ken Bush Jr., to victory in an Onondaga County Legislature District 13 race. Bush (632 votes) successfully challenged incumbent Derek Shepard (422 votes), of Baldwinsville, to represent the district that includes the towns of Camillus, Elbridge and Van Buren. Bush also secured a spot on the Conservative Party line, easily fending off an opportunity to ballot challenge.

Here's a roundup of other primaries in the Cayuga County-area:

Cayuga County Legislature District 4: The county elections board had not posted complete results for an Independence Party primary at press time. Republican and Conservative Party candidate Chris Petrus is facing Democratic incumbent Grant Kyle, who also has the Working Families line. Cayuga County Democratic Committee Chairman Ian Phillips, however, posted on Twitter that Kyle won the seat by securing more write-in votes than Petrus, who was listed on the Independence primary ballot. The district represents the town of Brutus.

Cayuga County Legislature District 9: A similar situation played out in this district representing the towns of Summerhill, Sempronius, Moravia and Niles. This district also had an opportunity to ballot open for the Independence Party but elections board results were incomplete. Currently on the general election ballot are Democratic candidate Kathleen Gorr and Republican candidate Charles Ripley. Phillips reported via Twitter that Gorr won the Independence primary. Gorr also has an independent line on the November ballot under the name Fix Our Roads. Incumbent Legislator Terry Baxter has chosen not to run for re-election.

Fleming: Results were incomplete for multiple races in the town featuring write-in votes.

In the race for the Fleming town supervisor position, current incumbent and Democrat Gary Searing was challenged via write-in in his party's primary. Donald Oltz, current a town council member who has secured the Republican Party line for supervisor, was also challenged via an opportunity to ballot on the Conservative line. There were no names on the primary ballot for the Independence Party, meaning the winner will be a write-in candidate. Fleming also had town council primaries. Gerald Dudek, one of the two Democrat candidates on the November ballot, and Russell Bell, one of the two Republican candidates, squared off in a Conservative Party primary against potential write-in candidates, and there was also an open opportunity-to-ballot primary for that race in the Independence Party. Frederick Allen Jr. (Democrat) and Karen Vanliew (Republican) will also be on the November ballot.

Springport: In a Republican primary for the two seats on town council, incumbent Andrew Rindfleisch (57 votes) and challenger Michael Selover (61 votes) defeated challenger John Goeke (39 votes). Rindfleisch and Selover are also on the Conservative line for the general election.

Summerhill: In a Republican primary, voters chose John Kirk (32 votes) over Donn Brown (21 votes) and David Dunham (20 votes) for highway superintendent. Kirk has also secured an independent line for the November election under the Patriot Party name, while another candidate, Gary Norton, has an independent line named Vote Norton. 

Summerhill Republicans also chose two candidates for town council, Mary Osgood (45 votes) and incumbent Duane Reynolds (61 votes) over Robert Neff (35 votes).

Victory: Republican voters backed Patrick Coleman (95 votes) over James Rose (25 votes) in a highway superintendent race. Coleman is also on Democratic, Conservative and Coleman Party lines for November.