AUBURN — A two-time convicted drug dealer will spend the next two years in jail for possessing crack cocaine in the city of Auburn. 

Following a jury trial in September, 38-year-old Sid S. Harrison was convicted of seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, second-degree obstructing governmental administration and second-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, all misdemeanors. He was found not guilty of a felony possession charge. 

According to Cayuga County District Attorney Jon Budelmann, Harrison was first arrested in 2015 and charged with felony sale of a controlled substance for selling cocaine to a confidential informant. Then, in September 2016, the Rochester man was arrested in a separate matter and charged with possessing cocaine with the intent to sell. 

At the time, the Auburn Police Department said Harrison was driving in the early morning hours of Sept. 30, 2016 when he was pulled over for failing to stop at a stop sign. Officers then discovered that Harrison was in possession of 11 bags of powdered and crack cocaine

A grand jury initially indicted Harrison on both cases, but Judge Thomas Leone ruled that the cases should be tried separately.

The district attorney first took Harrison to trial for the 2016 possession charges. At trial, Budelmann cited the defendant's history of selling cocaine in the county, including two felony drug convictions from 2001 and 2013. Based on his criminal history, Budelmann said Harrison intended to sell any cocaine he possessed.

Harrison's defense attorney, Ryan Muldoon, argued that there was no intent to sell. Instead, he said Harrison had planned to use the drugs himself. The jury ultimately acquitted Harrison of the felony charge.

But at sentencing Thursday, Leone said he didn't buy Harrison's story. 

"I don't believe for a moment that you're an addict," Leone said. "If this had been a bench trial, there would have been a very different outcome." 

Harrison apologized to the court for "letting his addiction get the best of him." He also thanked God, his attorney, the judge, jury and corrections officers for treating him like a "free man." 

Leone sentenced Harrison to the maximum: one year in jail for misdemeanor possession and another year in jail for obstructing governmental administration. Both sentences will run consecutively to one another for a total of two years in Cayuga County Jail. 

In addition, Harrison was sentenced to 180 days in jail for driving without a license; that will be served concurrent to his other time. He was also ordered to pay more than $2,500 in fines. 

As for Harrison's sale charges from 2015, Budelmann said his office decided to dismiss the case. He did not on elaborate during Thursday's proceeding why he would not go forward with a second trial. 

Also in court: 

• A Weedsport man was sentenced to parole supervision Thursday for stealing meat slicers and scrap metal from a home in Jordan. 

This summer, 29-year-old Todd Badgley pleaded guilty to one count of fourth-degree grand larceny, a felony, and two counts of petit larceny, a misdemeanor. At the time, Badgley told Judge Leone that he took two commercial-grade meat slicers from a home on Brutus Road in March. He also stole some scrap metal. 

A second-felony offender, Badgley has an extensive history of theft-related crimes, Budelmann said. However, the district attorney said it seemed the thefts were spurred by an addiction to drugs. 

On Thursday, Leone sentenced Badgley to 1 1/2 to three years in prison, but ordered it to be served as parole supervision. That would allow Badgley to receive specialized drug treatment while incarcerated. 

"I am hoping the treatment will do the trick and we will not see him again in this court," said Badgley's attorney, Thomas Turturo. 

Meanwhile, Badgley was also ordered to pay over $2,000 in restitution. Budelmann said he had sold over 4,000 pounds of scrap metal in Syracuse. 

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