Project 2021 Skaneateles

A conceptual image for Skaneateles Middle School's gym under the capital project proposal Project 2021.


The Skaneateles Central School District Board of Education has determined the total cost and other crucial elements of its district-wide capital project proposal, Project 2021.

On Sept. 19, the board approved the proposal's total cost — which is not to exceed $36.5 million — the final scope of the undertaking and the group that will oversee the project, Ashley McGraw Architects in Syracuse. Taxpayers will be able to vote on the proposal Nov. 14.

District Superintendent Ken Slentz said the project will not require any extra tax support from the community. He said with the difference of the total cost, the approximate $22 million worth of state aid the district is eligible for, the $2,250,000 in capital reserves and a $110,784 gift intended for a press box, brings the community's share to an approximate $12 million. This would come to an average annual local share of over $616,000 over the course of 20 years.

The average annual retiring debt local share would be $678,705 per year.

The district's approximated state aid is based on a conservative estimate of 95 percent of the project being eligible. Slentz said the district is striving to get as much of the project as possible to be eligible for aid.

The proposed project includes reconstructing the middle school's gym, replacing Waterman Primary School's boiler from 1972, mending the primary school's leaking foundation, establishing energy efficiency in the classrooms, securing the entries of every buildings main office and switching out State Street Intermediate School's windows from 1953, among other items.

Slentz believes every vote in favor of the project allows the district to establish a better environment for children and adults alike.

"You're improving the health and the learning environment of the students and the staff,' Slentz said.

On the fiscal side, he said taking care of multiple parts of the district's buildings now will make the future costs for those components more predictable.

The Project 2021 name refers to the year a piece of the district's mortgage on the venture will be paid off. 

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