Starting next year, town residents will have use of the YMCA and community center on the fourth Saturday of each month, regardless of their membership status.

The Skaneateles Recreational Charitable Trust, YMCA and the town of Skaneateles reached an agreement Friday that includes compromises on all sides. SRCT will pay the town $18,000 for assets owned by the town currently in use at the YMCA, less than half the amount officials were asking for earlier. In July, the town agreed to sell the equipment for $50,000, but that deal fell through, and the SRCT came back with a lower offer for a portion of the items.

Town officials argued that the town is required to get a fair market value for the list of 27 categories of equipment (some categories contain multiple items, such as 10 cycling bikes and 50 stacking chairs). Among the assets at the agreement's center are a movie screen and projector, walking poles, water polo net, security system, bumper cars and rack, lifeguard chair, table tennis table, lighting and floor scrubber. The SRCT pointed to the fact that it is a nonprofit that runs the facility, which benefits the town residents, and argued those conditions would allow the town to gift the items.

Now, with 18 set days that allow any town resident to use the facility for free, the town can satisfy a regulation that requires the public to benefit from the use of the items purchased with taxpayer money, not just Y members. Residents may use the community center on the fourth Saturday of each month, starting Feb. 23, with the last date set for July 26, 2014.

If the SRCT wants to sell or otherwise get rid of any of the equipment before July 2014, it must first approach the town to give it the option to buy the items back "at its sole cost and expense," the agreement outlined.

The SRCT must pay the town the money by Jan. 31, and will get a transfer of ownership for the assets.

Representatives from SRCT attended a recent Skaneateles Town Board meeting, during which the board approved the contract. At the end of the short meeting, the board met behind closed doors to discuss the proposal. The members unanimously accepted the final revised draft agreement between SRCT, the town and the Y presented on Dec. 13 by SRCT representative Jeff Dove to town attorney Pat Sardino.

According to town Clerk Janet Aaron, the SRCT and Y have also approved this agreement.

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