AUBURN | A Ford Explorer collided with a moving train Tuesday morning on State Street in Auburn, but the accident resulted in no injuries, authorities said.

Kelly Dare, of Auburn, said she was turning right from West Garden Street onto State Street and didn't see the flashing lights, which were above her, or the oncoming train, which was to her right.

Dare was not injured but her vehicle was damaged on its right side and had to be towed from the scene. The train had a bent brake line, according to the Auburn Police Department.

The accident occurred around 8:15 a.m. and the APD and the Auburn Fire Department responded. State Street near Curley's restaurant and Auburn Correctional Facility was partially closed for about an hour.

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This is unacceptable. Lets pray that the driver is made fully responsible for all current and future expenses that might be associated with this accident. Its time for the city of Auburn to get serious about teaching all drivers within the city limits that they are fully responsible for all consequences being a driver. Wake up Auburn. Its time to fund curbed and planted bike-lanes, build rails and stations, and eliminate parking from zoning ordinances. Do you suppose there are people who don't understand the financial generosity, the thousands of hours of volunteered time, and personal sacrifice that goes into an extraordinary amenity like the Finger Lakes Railway? Can you imagine a driver so ignorant that they would strike a helpless pedestrian, or an enormous train!? We're foolishly fortunate to be graced by a single train on our formerly trolleyed streets.


While I'm not willing to judge the competence of the driver, I agree that Auburn very much needs to explore transportation alternatives and promote them vigorously. "Not in my back yard", "That'll never work here", "Too expensive and impractical", or "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard" have become the standard and fearful replies to ideas and efforts to improve Auburn and reclaim some of Auburn's past glory as a community of innovation, invention and growth. It is very discouraging to constantly hear only why something can't or won't work. One if the reasons Auburn taxes are so high is that we've almost systematically driven out businesses and innovation that might have offered jobs and tax money. The Owasco river proposed walkway and kayak park; The arts and hotel center (partially started but being fought at the legal level by a politians who should be interested in serving the community's greater needs and possibilities); Pilot agreements; Etc., etc. - we need to try it all!

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