Unfair distribution of wealth hurts economy

Wow! Talk about telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, there’s not one shred of truth in Jeff Wolford’s Sept. 6 letter. (Another liberal lost in translation.) Mr. Wolford would have us believe that God is not in favor of redistribution of the wealth. I’m sure that he’s in favor of 90 percent of the wealth controlled by one percent of this country’s population. Tell me, Mr. Wolford, how much money is enough for the well to do? Is it $1 million a year, $10 million, $70 million? How much wealth do the wealthy need to live a “comfortable lifestyle?” There can be little doubt that there’s never enough money to be made by those of wealth.

Is Donald Trump satisfied with the wealth he has? Are all the soon to be free agent millionaire pro sport athletes satisfied with the millions they’re presently earning? Are George Bush and Dick Cheney satisfied with the millions in wealth they already have? The list goes on and on and certainly there can be little argument that anyone of exorbitant wealth is never satisfied. You want to lessen their taxes, too? Am I to believe Mr. Wolford that God doesn’t have a problem with exorbitant greed?

As many times as I have written about “The Tree of Life” and how God wants the fruits from it to be shared equally by all of God’s children, those with conservative mindsets don’t seem to want to pay any attention to it.

Look, Jeff Wolford, what’s important to God quite obviously isn’t and never has been, part of any conservative’s agenda.

What does not sharing the wealth have to do with the present state of affairs? Well, for starters, there’s very little buying power and that most certainly affects the economy. The results of people having not much buying power hurts everyone eventually.

No good ever results when people pay no attention to God’s commands. Accumulating exorbitant wealth is in no way, shape or form part of God’s agenda.

Mr. Wolford goes on to say that I am out of touch with the beating heart of this beautiful country. It’s you, Mr. Wolford who’s out of touch.

Was taking out Hussein worth all those trillions spent on it, the magnanimous loss of lives of innocent Iraqis and Americans? The war was illegal and totally unjustified. Conservatives like yourself continuously refuse to accept responsibility. And you have the gall to still justify this illegal and immoral war.

Murray Lynch