Congress, president disrespect veterans

2013-10-22T06:00:00Z Congress, president disrespect veterans Auburn Citizen
October 22, 2013 6:00 am

The news reports of the past month have proven to be most unsettling to us veterans.

The thought of losing a family member to war, the thought of having someone, anyone come home crippled or psychologically scarred is a frightening thought. What is more frightening is a congress and president (commander in chief) who show no respect for those who have made the sacrifice, much less for those who are making the sacrifice today.

This is our opportunity to show our service men and women that we can have domestic unrest while honoring them and their families at home. After all, for our government not to show their appreciation and loyalty to those who are asked to fight and die for what our country believes in is a real outrage. Political parties aside, right is right and wrong is wrong.

It appears that the constant political squabbling is never going to end. They only answer is for the millions of veterans to pull together and form a united front with the intention of working for the interests of all veterans and active duty personnel.  If this could happen, then those organizations who tout themselves as working for veterans can make a renewed effort and develop a new united front in order to preserve our military and safeguard the families of those who answer their country's call.

No change will ever happen with the likes of a secretary of defense who in a time of crisis appears to be AWOL. It is our belief that a new political movement is absolutely necessary to ensure that the disgraceful actions against our dead service men and women and their families will not happen again.

Mostly the politicians are to be reminded that the very foundation of our existence rests on the strength of our armed forces and the respect and the honor we show them.

"For those that have fought for it, freedom has a taste the protected will never know." Author unknown.

James Bryant, Thomas Bryant and Nicholas Valenti


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