Well, Governor Frack Cuomo has just released some truths about his desire to frack us citizens of New York State. His latest disclosed plan, supposedly "leaked," is that he plans to have permits issued soon, maybe even this summer, when nobody is around in Albany and many citizens of the state are on vacation and not paying attention to what nasty business some bought-off politician (Cuomo) is slipping into this state and into people's lives.

So, there will be no public health impact study (as passed by the state Assembly), and no economic study, and no study of the costs to small towns and rural communities. Above all, frack, frack, frack, says the Gov.

Oh, but Cuomo is initially just going to allow fracking in the southern tier of New York state, so that's OK. And The Industry will continue with its campaign using the Hill and Knowlton public relations company to do the ads and propaganda to push this poisoning upon us, while making it sweet sounding and bountiful with lots of slick images. This Hill and Knowlton company is the same ad-propaganda company which was hired by the tobacco industry, which for 60 years pushed the ideas about how safe and innocuous was tobacco and smoking, which was being foisted onto the public.

As with smoking, so too with fracking, with the same(or similar) executives of The Industry all dressed up in their Sunday-best, and lying again and again whenever they are on camera, in between the lies of their well funded ads, here there and everywhere.

For documentation: "The Sky is Pink," a brand new 18-minute film online by Josh Fox, director of GASLAND. Go to  shaleshockmedia.org.

If fracking and turning much of New York state into an industrial wasteland, if this bothers you, you might want to call Governor Cuomo and give him a piece of your mind. If you call during regular business hours, you can speak with a person who will take down your message. If you wake at 3 a.m. with a bad fracking dream and want leave this guy a message, you can put it on his answering machine, which usually is not full, and will allow you to do some truth telling about fracking.

Gov. A. Cuomo: (518) 474-8390  or 1 (866) 584-6799.

David Kauber