City of Auburn

Equalization rate 100

* William J. Midura, 787 Embury Rd., Penfield, Alan T. Midura, 5 Sunny Slope Rd., Ithaca, and Elizabeth A. Rajamani, 62 Pine Brook Circle, Penfield, to Stephanie C. Buttaro and Nathan R. Short, 134 Curtis Place, Auburn, property at 209 S. Hoopes Ave., $117,000. Assessment $155,000. 

* David Arcelay, 49-51 Barber St., Auburn, to Vincent Dones, 38 Orchard St., Auburn, property at 49-51 Barber St., $0. Assessment $48,800. 

* Andrea Gentileovens (aka Andrea Gentile-Ovens), 9 Paul St., Auburn, to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., property at 9 Paul St., $66,000. Assessment $90,000. 

* Brian B. Brooks, John Cerio and Suzanne Cerio to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., property at 155 North St., $208,071. Assessment $135,000. 

* Kerstetter Apartments LLC, 6656 East Lake Rd., P.O. Box 811, Auburn, to Borsa Apartments LLC, 17 Park Ave. Unit 1, Auburn, property at 55 Market St., $0. Assessment $463,400. 

* Edward J. Chayka Jr. and Sheila A. Chayka, 13 Bowen St., Auburn, to Brian P. Church and Jennifer L. Van Arsdale, 34 Clymer St., Auburn, property at 13 Bowen St., $143,500. Assessment $141,400. 

* U.S. Bank Trust N.A. to Schulz Properties LLC, 4 Depew St., Auburn, property at 10 Mary St., $90,000. Assessment $104,700. 

* Dustin J. Tanner, 125 Murray St., Auburn, to Michael P. Bryden, 21 Wood St., Auburn, property at 125 Murray St., $72,500. Assessment $81,900. 

* Richard A. Dushatinksi, 9 Wheeler St., Auburn, to Melissa A. Daly and Timothy R. Daly, as trustees for the Richard A. Dushatinksi Irrevocable Trust, property at 9 Wheeler St., $0. Assessment $83,800. 

* S.A.R. Invest Properties, 276 Genesee St., Auburn, to Matthew S. Bibbens, 257 Seymour St., Auburn, property at 147-149 Van Anden St., $142,000. Assessment $142,400. 

* Christopher J. Schock and Christine N. Schock, 10 Warren Ave., Auburn, to Mark E. Lawson and Samantha M. Cadwallader, 24 Frazee St. Apt. 1, Auburn, property at 10 Warren Ave., $120,500. Assessment $95,000. 

* MidFirst Bank to Susan Spaide, 38 Lake Ave., Auburn, property at 34 Paul St., $15,000. Assessment $42,000. 

* Christopher Straile and Eric Schaeffer, 228 Elm St., Minoa, to S&S Properties of CNY LLC (same address), property at 8-10 Sherman St. and 78-80 Chedell Place, $0. Assessment N/A. 

* Teresa Sepulveda to KeyBank N.A., property at 99 N. Fulton St., $60,858. Assessment $53,200. 

Town of Aurelius

Equalization rate 86

* Denise A. Crawford, 464 W. Genesee St. Rd., Cayuga, to Sidney H. Cuff III, 434 W. Genesee St. Rd., Cayuga, and Amy E. Cuff-Szozda, 33 Augustus St., Auburn, property at 464 W. Genesee St. Rd., $0. Assessment $164,000. 

* Denise A. Crawford, 464 W. Genesee St. Rd., Cayuga, to Sidney H. Cuff III, 434 W. Genesee St. Rd., Cayuga, and Amy E. Cuff-Szozda, 33 Augustus St., Auburn, property at 434 W. Genesee St. Rd., $0. Assessment $238,300. 

Town of Brutus

Equalization rate 100

* Beverly J. Briggs, 8869 South St., Weedsport, to Deborah A. Perkins, 8733 Centerport Rd., Weedsport, and Edward R. Briggs, 8869 South St., Weedsport, property at 8869 South St., $0. Assessment $94,900. 

Town of Cato

Equalization rate 100

* Fred F. Rolland and Roberta A. Rolland, 253 Fire Lane 17, Cato, to Cross Lake LLC, 2758 Trombley Rd., Weedsport, property at 253 Fire Lane 17, $178,000. Assessment $112,000. 

Town of Conquest

Equalization rate 100

* Stanley L. Westover III, 7 Moss Point, Port Byron, to Stanley L. Westover III and Frances D. Westover (same address), property at 7 Moss Point, $1. Assessment $86,700. 

* Joseph Van Horn, 3107 Route 370 Main St., Cato, to Charles Mettler and Erica Korthas, Van Horn Road, Cato, property at 11034 Drake Rd., $22,500. Assessment $29,400. 

Town of Fleming

Equalization rate 36

* Ray T. Deland Jr., 2950 Holland Dr., Auburn, to Kim E. Dunster, 5 Pennrose Est., Auburn, property at 2950 Holland Dr., $0. Assessment $91,500. 

Town of Genoa

Equalization rate 100

* Daniel Mahanger Delray Beach, Florida, to William Dhimitri and Sandra Dhimitri, 155 Hillcrest Rd., Ithaca, property at 225 Red Fox Lane, $1,140,000. Assessment $799,900.

* Bank of America N.A. to Shirley Ann Engman, 192 Goodwin Dr., Ithaca, property at 418 Mahaney Rd., $44,170. Assessment $101,400. 

* Marilyn Detzer, 4073 Pine Hollow Rd., Locke, as executrix of the last will and testament of Gerald F. Detzer, late of Genoa, to Sharon L. Detzer, 4101 Pine Hollow Rd., Locke, and Susan L. Detzer, 4073 Pine Hollow Rd., Locke, property at State Route 90, $0. Assessment $29,300. 

* Marilyn Detzer, 4073 Pine Hollow Rd., Locke, as executrix of the last will and testament of Gerald F. Detzer, late of Genoa, to Sharon L. Detzer, 4101 Pine Hollow Rd., Locke, and Susan L. Detzer, 4073 Pine Hollow Rd., Locke, property at 4039 Pine Hollow Rd., $0. Assessment $290,100. 

* Marilyn Detzer, 4073 Pine Hollow Rd., Locke, to Susan L. Detzer (same address), property at 4073 Pine Hollow Rd., $0. Assessment $103,600. 

* Carol A. Daugherty, 1084 Maple St., Geona, to Bradley L. Eldridge, 1175 Route 34, P.O. Box 203, Genoa, property at 1110 Maple St., $72,320. Assessment $156,500. 

Town of Ira

Equalization rate 94

* Jason Robison, 3858 Floridaville Rd., Cato, to Jason Robison and Elizabeth Robison (same address), property at 3858 Floridaville Rd., $0. Assessment $119,200. 

* Charles H. Lincoln and Nancy R. Lincoln, 12443 Bradt Rd., Cato, to Charles H. Lincoln and Nancy R. Lincoln as trustees under the Lincoln Living Trust, property at 12443 Bradt Rd., $0. Assessment $131,500. 

Town of Ledyard

Equalization rate 100

* James Philip Nobles, 8608 Melvin Dr. South, Baldwinsville, Brian Nobles, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Timothy Nobles, 8410 Vermillion Circle, Baldwinsville, and Robert E. Nobles, 112 East Falls St., Ithaca, to Robert S. Landon, P.O. Box 40, King Ferry, property at 1671 Honoco Rd., $215,000. Assessment $205,000. 

Town of Locke

Equalization rate 100

* Kenneth L. Aldrich, 11 Brookside Dr. Apt. A, Dryden, and Gerald Aldrich, 33 Sunnyside Dr., Cortland, as co-executors of the last will and testament of Fred Aldrich, late of Locke, to Tyler B. Meunier, 11 West Ave., Moravia, property at 12817 State Route 90, $56,000. Assessment $80,000. 

Town of Mentz

Equalization rate 100

* Kevin R. Lasher and Marjorie E. Lasher to Rural Housing Service, property at 12 McClellan St., $35,656. Assessment $71,708. 

Town of Niles

Equalization rate 97

* Edie J. Inman, as executor of the last will and testament of Edmund G. Swan Sr., late of Niles, and Edmund G. Swan Jr., 175 Champlain Way, Manchester, Jennifer L. Swan, 1087 Stump Rd., Skaneateles, Peggy A. Fredericks, 263 O'Connell St., Massapequa, Thomas A. Swan, 24 Seymour St., Auburn, and Scott A. Swan, P.O. Box 611, Moravia, to Edmund G. Swan Jr., property at 4076 Arnold Rd., $0. Assessment $21,400. 

* William N. Denman, 4383 Vanderstow Rd., Auburn, to Debra A. Denman, 4352 Harter Rd., Auburn, property at Gahwiler Road, $125,000. Assessment $67,600. 

* Debra A. Denman, 4352 Harter Rd., Auburn, to George Crowningshield, 8193 Jericho Rd., Weedsport, property at 4352 Harter Rd., $140,000. Assessment $131,000. 

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 85

* William E. Di Fabio, 10 Frazee St., Auburn, to Thomas C. Donovan and Catherine A. Donovan, 24 Green Links Turn, Auburn, property at 7321 Owasco Rd., $56,000. Assessment $87,800. 

* Anthony R. Gucciardi and Patricia L. Gucciardi, 165 Willowbrook Dr., Auburn, to Scott P. Gucciardi and Mark A. Gucciardi, as trustees for the Anthony R. Gucciardi and Patricia L. Gucciardi Irrevocable Trust, property at 165 Willowbrook Dr., $0. Assessment $244,300. 

Town of Scipio

Equalization rate 100

* Nelson Z. Zimmerman, Carolyn A. Zimmerman, Milford Z. Zimmerman and Jennifer K. Zimmerman, 4559 Davis Rd., Union Springs, to DRR LP, P.O. Box 609, Geneva, property at 1894 Fleming-Scipio Town Line, $120,000. Assessment $20,000. 

* Jodi Baldwin, 10 Sheridan St., Auburn, to F. Barry Carmody, 4518 West Lake Rd., Auburn, property at part of 4516 West Lake Rd., $2,625. Assessment $193,000. 

* Paul G. Chamberlin and Velva J. Chamberlin, 680 Maple Rd., East Aurora, to Aurora Ridge Dairy LLC, 2498 Angling Rd., Aurora, property at 3883 State Route 34B, $64,500. Assessment $57,250. 

Town of Sempronius

Equalization rate 100

* Russell L. Bossard and Cindy D. Bossard, Roundup, Montana, to Miguel A. Flores and Heidi L. Flores, 2718 Hatheway Rd., Moravia, property at 2718 Hatheway Rd., $86,350. Assessment $105,100. 

Town of Sennett

Equalization rate 90

* Robert G. Wilder to CitiMortgage Inc., property at 7574 Grant Ave. Rd., $41,625. Assessment $117,000. 

* Mary Ellen Avery, 2880 Turnpike Rd., Auburn, to LoPiccolo's Auto Group LLC, 518 Grant Ave. Rd., Auburn, property at 518 Grant Ave. Rd., $260,000. Assessment $136,500. 

* Neil E. Andersen and Patricia M. Andersen, Rock Hall, Maryland, to Chetan Kisher Vaishampayan and Urvi Naresh Gandhi, M149 Standart Woods Apartments, Auburn, property at 29 Calemad Dr., $470,000. Assessment $420,000. 

Town of Springport

Equalization rate 84

* Elaine Thomas to U.S. Bank N.A., property at 5680 Cross Rd., $100. Assessment $55,200. 

* Dale Walter and Deborah L. Walter, 5613 Oakwood Rd,. Auburn, to Kelley Marine Center & RV LLC, 5242 State Route 90, Cayuga, property at 5242 State Route 90, $235,000. Assessment $95,000. 

Town of Sterling

Equalization rate 100

* Meghan M. Sherman (fka Meghan M. Malone), 16359 Irwin Rd., Sterling, to Matthew R. Baker, 78 1/2 Niagara St., Oswego, property at 16359 Irwin Rd., $101,000. Assessment $69,300. 

* Cindi L. Loughrey, 3287 County Route 57, Oswego, to Joseph Cook and Mindy Cook, 1150 State Route 104A, Sterling, property at 1150 State Route 104A, $35,000. Assessment $42,000. 

* Diana S. Tillotson, 303 River Terrace, Endicott, to Alan H. Kowalski, 5613 Silver St. Rd., Auburn, property at Fire Lane 10A, $130,000. Assessment $138,900. 

* Jo Ann Bomeisl, as executrix of the last will and testament of Samuel A. Puglia, late of Fulton, to Jo Ann Bomeisl, 891 Northumberland Dr., Schenectady, property at 476 Main St., $0. Assessment $76,100. 

* Shane Cooper, P.O. Box 5344, Oswego, and John D. Pauldine Jr., 16222 Ontario Shores Dr., Sterling, to Tiffany M. Pauldine, (same address), property at 0 Marsh Rd., $0. Assessment $25,400. 

Town of Throop

Equalization rate 100

* Peter J. Murphy, 15 Lawton Ave., Auburn, and Vickie Murphy, 16 Frazee St., Auburn, to Peter J. Murphy, property at 1234 Turnpike Rd., $0. Assessment $18,900.