Property transfers

City of Auburn

Equalization rate 100

* David W. Cuddeback and Terri J. Cuddeback, 124 Norris St., Auburn, to Heather A. McKeen, 10 Ann Elizabeth Dr., Washingtonville, Staci L. Thompson, Sayre, Pennsylvania, and Meghan J. Kahia, 3725 Gaines Basin Rd., Albion, property at 124 Norris Ave., $1. Assessment $120,000. 

* Frederick R. Harris, 38 Mill St., Port Byron, to Martin A. Granger, P.O. Box 371, Port Byron, property at 13 Liberty St., $90,000. Assessment $83,500. 

* Thomas R. Hoey and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust, property at 128 Osborne St., $41,949. Assessment $35,700. 

* Helen P. Collins to city of Auburn, property at 37 Arterial West, $0. Assessment $40,000. 

* James J. Tremblay to city of Auburn, property at 5 Rock Ave., $0. Assessment $51,400. 

* Kathleen Gurak to city of Auburn, property at 4 Rock Ave., $0. Assessment $26,600. 

* Frances Good, Biloxi, Mississippi, to Frances Good and Timothy A. Mack, 9 Seneca Parkway, Auburn, property at 9 Seneca Parkway, $1. Assessment $83,700. 

* Jason Eddy and Renae Eddy, 228 Woodlawn Ave., Auburn, to Jeremy Sweenie and Jeffrey S. Sweenie and Rory L. Sweenie, 300 East Manchester Rd., Syracuse, property at 228 Woodlawn Ave., $76,500. Assessment $75,000. 

* Peter L. Petrosino, 410 N. Seward St., Auburn, to Peter M. Petrosino, 4 Melrose Rd., Auburn, as trustee of the Peter L. Petrosino Irrevocable Trust, property at 410 N. Seward Ave., $0. Assessment $134,000. 

Town of Aurelius

Equalization rate 86

* Yvonne Bergerstock, 5842 Route 90, Cayuga, as administrator of the estate of Dana Bergerstock, to Michele Vivenzio and Dennis Vivenzio, 6740 Laraway Rd., Cayuga, property at 6730 Laraway Rd., $60,000. Assessment $52,300. 

Town of Brutus

Equalization rate 100

* The Bank of New York Mellon, as successor-in-interest to JP Morgan Chase Bank, to Dean D. Cummins, 3125 Route 370, Cato, property at 2797 State Route 31, $25,500. Assessment $98,300.

* Gary E. Kent and Ann C. Kent, P.O. Box 1042, Elbridge, to Hourigan Farms of Elbridge LLC, 878 Garham Rd., Elbridge, property at Barker Road, $30,000. Assessment $27,600. 

Town of Cato

Equalization rate 100

* Richard J. Tausend and Bridgett J. Tausend, 11656 Calkins Rd., Cato, to James W. Weir and Irene J. Weir, 3776 Weller Rd., Cato, property at 11656 Calkins Rd., $80,000. Assessment $93,000. 

Town of Conquest

Equalization rate 100

* Susan J. Powers, fka Susan J. Sova, 2772 Rickard Rd., Skaneateles, to Lawrence R. King and Irene T. King, 11175 Ridge Rd., Wolcott, property at 11189 Peachblow Rd,. $105,100. Assessment $94,600. 

Town of Fleming

Equalization rate 36

* Ralph H. Cooper, as trustee of the Lawrence R. Cooper Irrevocable Trust, to Matthew J. Kidd, 2677 Sloan Rd., Auburn, and Brian M. Stefanak, 4 Silver Ave., Auburn, property at Sloan Road, $65,000. Assessment $37,135. 

* Catherine A. Crane, 1211 Alderman Rd., Palmyra, as executor of the estate of Patricia A. Costello, to Timothy J. Costello, 1829 Dougall Rd., Auburn, property at p/o 1817 Dougall Rd., $154,152. Assessment $71,300. 

* Catherine A. Crane, 1211 Alderman Rd., Palmyra, as executor of the estate of Patricia Costello, to Brenda J. Bowers and Ronald F. Bowers, 5572 Sevior Rd., Auburn, property at p/o 1917 Dougall Rd., $46,620. Assessment $71,300. 

Town of Genoa

Equalization rate 100

* William P. Rulison and Bethany A. Wright, 10112 State Route 90, Genoa, to Mary McLaughlin and Benjamin Orcheski, 8385 Geneva St. Unit 5, Interlaken, property at 10112 State Route 90, $137,000. Assessment $115,500. 

Town of Ira

Equalization rate 94

* Robert Goetsch and Tammy Goetsch, 3714 Weller Rd., Cato, to Kathryn E. Rusin and Nathyn M. Knipe, 5316 Villa Ridge Court, Baldwinsville, property at 3714 Weller Rd., $365,000. Assessment $292,500. 

Town of Ledyard

Equalization rate 100

* Nelsa Selover, 743 Levanna Rd., Aurora, as executrix of the last will and testament of Charles E. Hitchcock, to Steven J. Williams and Kimberly A. Williams, 4978 E. Williamson Rd., Marion, property at 3412 State Route 90 N., $335,000. Assessment $250,700. 

Town of Locke

Equalization rate 100

* Philip A. Ranke and Margaret H. Ranke, 1396 Cloverleaf Rd., Locke, to Christopher Douglas Fickeisen and Emily Joy Zieba, 5057 Golf View Dr., Locke, property at 5057 Golf View Dr., $183,000. Assessment $205,000. 

Town of Mentz

Equalization rate 100

* Vera Parker, as executor of the last will and testament of Ronald F. Fausak, to Steven Tardibone, 128 South St., Auburn, as trustee of the Steven Tardibone Living Trust, property at 2176 State Route 31, $24,600. Assessment $52,800. 

* Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Kevin Casler and Ashley Casler, 1162 Fuller Rd., Port Byron, property at 8409 Baptist Hill Rd., $150,000. Assessment $144,500. 

Town of Montezuma

Equalization rate 87

* Audrey Guy, 8551 Davis Rd., Port Byron, to Audrey Guy and George Guy (same address), property at Wilsey Road, $0. Assessment $12,600. 

* Audrey Guy, 8551 Davis Rd., Port Byron, to Audrey Guy and George Guy (same address), property at 8551 Davis Rd., $0. Assessment $72,135. 

* Gregory Allen Walts and Mandy Lee Wals, 9467 State Route 34, Weedsport, to Stacie M. Briggs, 4065 Lakes Corners Rose Valley Rd., Clyde, property at 8772 Denman Rd., $140,000. Assessment $48,000. 

* James H. Decker and Kathleen S. Decker, 7592 State Route 90N, Cayuga, to Duane C. Decker, 1722 Griffin Rd,. Auburn, property at State Route 90N, $1. Assessment $6,700. 

Town of Moravia

Equalization rate 95

* William D. Youngs and Marilyn E. Youngs, as trustees under the Youngs Living Trust, to William D. Youngs and Marilyn E. Youngs, 4472 Riley Rd., Moravia, property at 4472 Riley Rd., $0. Assessment $222,300. 

* William D. Youngs and Marilyn E. Youngs, as trustees under the Youngs Living Trust, to William D. Youngs Jr., 599 State Route 38, Locke, and Lauren C. Youngs, 4305 Timothy Dr., Jamesville, property at 4472 Riley Rd., $0. Assessment $222,300. 

* Jeffery L. Potter and Ronda A. Potter, 49 Church St., Moravia, to Valerie Anderson, 88 East Main St., Trumansburg, 49 Church St., $172,000. Assessment $90,500. 

* Thomas J. Nolan, 3042 Rockefeller Rd., Moravia, to Nelson A. Towers and Julia A. Towers, 5410 Hoag Ave., Locke, property at 2865 Oak Hill Rd., $136,000. Assessment $293,000. 

* Steven A. Danis and Deborah C. Danis, Allentown, Pennsylvania, to Thomas J. Nolan, 3042 Rockefeller Rd., Moravia, property at Rockefeller Road, $185,000. Assessment $149,200. 

Town of Niles

Equalization rate 97

* Miranda Rumsey, 4643 Twelve Corners Rd., Auburn, to Patrick Rumsey (same address), as trustee under the Miranda Rumsey Irrevocable Trust Agreement, property at 4643 Twelve Corners Rd., $0. Assessment $337,000. 

Town of Owasco

Equalization rate 85

* Theresa A. Zanowick, 349 Denman Cove, Auburn, to Elizabeth Zanowick and Susan Zanowick, 11 Dennis St., Auburn, property at 349 Denman Cove, $0. Assessment $322,200. 

* Walter F. Rogers IV and Elizabeth R. Rogers, 7108 Owasco Rd., Auburn, to Michael A. Brigandi and Faith A. Brigandi, P.O. Box 522, Syracuse, property at 7108 Owasco Rd., $150,000. Assessment $105,800. 

* Rachel D. Jackson, 167 Willowbrook Dr., Auburn, to John Bisgrove Jr. and Marsha Bisgrove, 11 Logan St., Auburn, property at 167 Willowbrook Dr., $479,900. Assessment $232,100. 

Town of Scipio

Equalization rate 100

* Duane Martin and Anita Martin, 3311 State Route 38, Scipio, to Andrew Martin and Rebecca Martin, 3515 Wycoff Rd., Moravia, property at 3311 State Route 38, $200,000. Assessment $199,900. 

Town of Sennett

Equalization rate 90

* Thomas Squires, 3922 Center St. Rd., Auburn, to James E. Dries, 4038 Center St. Rd., Auburn, and Michael T. Dries, 3969 Center St. Rd., Auburn, property at 3922 Center St. Rd., $0. Assessment $185,800. 

* Joseph A. Tidd and J. Edward Tidd, 3815 Melrose Rd., Auburn, to Dorie J. Dixon, trustee of the Robert F. Guyett Living Trust, 3840 E. Genesee St. Rd., Auburn, property at Genesee Street Road, $0. Assessment $20,800. 

* Donald W. Kasper Jr. and Doris A. Kasper, 3905 State St. Rd., Skaneateles, to Teaselwood LLC, 3895 Fennell St., Skaneateles, property at 3307-3308 East Genesee St., $0. Assessment $5,800. 

* Raymond H. Kilcoyne and Nancy C. Kilcoyne, 7818 Weedsport Sennett Rd., Auburn, to Mark C. Atkins, Elizabethtown, Kentucky, as trustee of the Raymond H. Kilcoyne and Nancy C. Kilcoyne Irrevocable Trust, property at 7818 Weedsport Sennett Rd., $0. Assessment $83,400. 

Town of Springport

Equalization rate 84

* Charles A. Adams, 1609 Number One Rd., Union Springs, and Frances P. Leicher (same address) to Charles A. Adams and Joanna F. Adams and Frances P. Leicher, property at 1609 Number One Rd., $0. Assessment $88,100. 

* David G. Palmer and Alicia M. Palmer, 4290 State Route 90 N., Union Springs, to Andrew S. Cuthbert, 6124 Oakridge Rd., Auburn, property at 4290 State Route 90, $211,680. Assessment $266,300.

Town of Sterling

Equalization rate 100

* Paul W. Garland and Anne Hallinan-Garland, 14521 Church St., Fair Haven, and Nathan J. Garland and Kristin L. Garland, 15 Elizabeth St., Auburn, to Richard L. Petrie and Pamela S. Taylor-Horton, 263 County Route 7 Apt. A, Hannibal, property at 14551 Richmond Ave., $105,000. Assessment $110,000. 

* Michael L. Fratangelo, 14446 Meade St., Sterling, to Meredith L. Barnes, 14017 Canada St., Red Creek, property at 14446 Meade St., $85,000. Assessment $83,300. 

* Carl J. Crawford, P.O. Box 179, Sterling, to Clarence Emery and Wendy Emery, 13948 State Route 38, Sterling, property at 13948 State Route 38, $15,000. Assessment $26,000. 

* Patrick O'Gorman and Judith O'Gorman, Homosassa Springs, Florida, to Mark Giovannetti, 74 Lakeshore Rd., Fulton, property at 356 Phillips Lane, $5,000. Assessment $221,200. 

* Timothy Glidden, 7580 State Route 104A, Red Creek, to Clifford Savery, 14565 Cayuga St., Sterling, property at 14565 Cayuga St., $25,000. Assessment $34,200. 

Town of Throop

Equalization rate 100

* Joel C. Dean, 7194 Beach Rd., Auburn, to Peter J. Rusyniak Jr., and Suzanne M. Rusyniak, 32 Middle Lane, Weedsport, property at 7194 Beach Rd., $30,000. Assessment $50,500. 

* Donald J. Prudam, 7959 State St. Rd., Port Byron, to Kathleen Blumer, 3100 State Route 89, Seneca Falls, property at 7959 State St. Rd., $67,500. Assessment $110,300. 

* Frank R. Hastedt, 7039 Nugent Rd., Auburn, to James E. Currier, 6978 Webster Rd., Auburn, property at 7039 Nugent Rd., $600,000. Assessment $307,700. 

* Dennis P. Petrosino and Paula A. Petrosino, 7261 North Division St., Auburn, to Wendy L. Broton, 7244 Roumare Rd., East Syracuse, property at 7261 North Division St., $0. Assessment $179,800. 

Town of Victory

Equalization rate 93

* Paul E. Ferguson and Julie M. Ferguson, 2067 Mott Rd., Cato, to Austin H. Moore and Hannah G. Ivery, 3652 Allen Rd., Cato, property at 2067 Mott Rd., $144,000. Assessment $131,000. 

* Harvey M. Van Wie Jr., 60 Coffin Dr., Orwell, to Bryan L. Fillingham, 15366 Route 104, Martville, property at 13030 Timerson Rd., $7,500. Assessment $13,600.