• Parker's Grille & Tap House, 129 Genesee St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• A.T. Walley & Co., 119 Genesee St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Back Door Gourmet, 169 Genesee St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• XL Cookie Co., 33 Columbus St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Dugan's Country Grill, 3234 Route 34B, Aurora: satisfactory.

• Connie's Deli, 137 State St., Auburn: satisfactory. The glass front cooler in the basement lacks a thermometer.

• Hollywood Restaurant, 314 Clark St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Ann's Family Restaurant, 113 Grant Ave., Auburn: unsatisfactory. (Nov. 29) Ready-to-eat sliced deli ham, stored adjacent to raw meatballs, raw sausage patties, and uncooked hot dogs in the double-door fridge in the kitchen. One container of the ham was observed directly underneath a plate with raw meatballs.There was no readily apparent indication of cross-contamination from the containers, so the operator corrected by relocating the deli ham to a more suitable location inside the fridge.

• Karen's Country Confections, 157 Cayuga St., Union Springs: satisfactory.

• Patty Shack, 161 Genesee St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Port Byron Diner, 97 Rochester St., Port Byron: satisfactory. Exhaust fan above 3-compartment sink has excessive dust buildup on shroud and electrical cord.

• Dunkin Donuts, 149 Grant Ave., Auburn: satisfactory.

• The Village Grill of Fair Haven, 809 Route 104A, Sterling: unsatisfactory. Cook placed shredded cheese on ready to eat burrito and simultaneously touched potatoes with scrambled eggs falling from plate barehanded and placed them back on the plate. Both plates of food were discarded before served. Cook donned gloves and cooked both orders again to be served to the customers.

• Taco Bell, 168 Grant Ave., Auburn: satisfactory. Floor areas under point of sale for drive-thru and under freezer located by first aid kit have buildup of food debris.

• Cornell Cooperative Extension, 248 Grant Ave., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Ann's Family Restaurant, 113 Grant Ave., Auburn: satisfactory. (Nov. 30)

• CC'S Tavern, 17 Columbus St., Auburn: satisfactory. The cutting board for the main preparation cooler is noted to be excessively worn. Missing the back plates of the two cooler units in the kitchen area, allowing a significant amount grease and food debris to collect inside the equipment. Mold growth noted inside the walk in cooler. The floor throughout the facility requires cleaning due to excessive grease and food debris build up.

• Frank Calimeri Post No. 9, 42 Clark St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• S-K American Legion Post No. 1324, 168 State St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Swifty's 45 Perrine St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• The Betty Blue, 76 W. Cayuga St., Moravia: satisfactory.

• Lasca's, 252 Grant Ave., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Cobblestone Inn, 537 Route 38, Locke: satisfactory.