• Whiskey Boots, 192 State St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Kentucky Fried Chicken, 276 Grant Ave., Auburn: satisfactory.

• McDonald's (East), 198 Grant Ave., Auburn: satisfactory. Small freezers on the cook line have excessive frost buildup due to constant opening and closing during busy times. Inside top of ice machine has some dirt built up on it; not near the ice in any way. This was cleaned immediately during the inspection. Also the drink wells in the public area where soft drinks and condiments are provided were dirty with ketchup and a piece of chewing gum. This was cleaned, washed, rinsed and sanitized during the inspection.

• Barb's Diner, 891 Main St., Locke: satisfactory.

• Locke Stop and Shop Market, 868 Main St., Locke: satisfactory.

• Subway - North Street, 76 North St., Auburn: satisfactory. Two ceiling tiles in the kitchen area above the ice machine are missing. They both have wiring exposed and one has fiberglass exposed which could possibly fall into the ice bin when open for use.

• Mr. Pizza, 69 Wall St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Panera Bread, 6 Plaza Drive, Auburn: satisfactory.

• Christopher's at Elderberry Pond, 3712 Center St. Road, Auburn: satisfactory.

• Auburn Diner, 64 Columbus St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Smitty's Fish House West, 343 Genesee St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Pizza Hut, 386 Grant Ave. Road, Auburn: satisfactory.

• Subway - Walmart, 297 Grant Ave., Auburn: satisfactory.

• York Street Diner, 6 York St., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Subway - Auburn Plaza, 217 Grant Ave., Auburn: satisfactory.

• Poppy G's, 149 Cayuga St., Union Springs: satisfactory.