Tool belt with hardhat and gloves

The building inspector issued a permit to Auburn Hotel Ventures LLC to remodel foyer at 75 North St., $700,000. The inspector also issued the following permits:

* South Seneca Vinyl, install eight windows for owner Robert Borsching at 95 Owasco St., $3,000.

* Scott Murphy, remodel bathroom (plumbing not included) for owner Jerome Sliss at 38 Nelson St., $1,000.

* NP Structures, remodel entire house for owner Nancy McGohan at 4 Vandenbosch Ave., $5,500.

* J&B Installations Inc., reshingle roof over one existing layer for owner Cayuga County Arts Council at 16 South St., $170,000.

* Handy Skills by Mr. Mills, remodel three bedrooms for owner Linda L. Leather at 11 Underwood St., $10,000.

* Helen Kocur, demolish garage at 86 York St., $400.

* Thomas J. Fraher, remodel bedroom and living room at 46 Orchard St., $1,000.

* Patricia Johnson, remodel kitchen (plumbing not included) at 12 Arch St., $500.

* AJ Signs, install single-face, attached, non-illuminated "Dialysis Clinic Inc." sign for owner Dialysis Clinic Inc. at 21 Nelson St., $1,700.

* Richard Pinckney, reshingle roof over one existing layer for owner Allan F. Finch at 4 Devon Ave., $2,500.

* Bridge E. Kennedy, tear off and replace part of roof and install four windows at 75 Cottage St., $500.

* Currier Construction, remodel bathroom for owner Denise Farrington at 129 Lake Ave., $9,700.

* Energy Savers Inc., install six windows for owner Maureen Prall at 54 Capitol St., $3,000.