Tool belt with hardhat and gloves

The building inspector issued a permit to James M. Kliss for remodeling entire house at 167 Franklin St., $25,000. The inspector also issued the following permits:

* John Davidson, remodel entire house at 8-10 Franklin St., $12,000.

* Comfort Window Co. Inc., install 34 windows for owner Faatz-Crofut Home at 46 Grant Ave., $19,992.

* EastWest Coast Constructino, reshingle roof over one existing layer for owner Joyce A. Rice at 4 Washington St., $2,000.

* Ronald Bench, remodel second floor and convert to two units at 4 Derby Ave., $2,000.

* JPMorgan Chase, remodel entire house at 41 Jefferson St., $6,000.

* Tomandl Services, install six windows and repair front steps for owner Douglas Holmes at 68 Cayuga St., $2,000.

* Next Chapter Brew Pub, demolition of Suite B for owner Genesee Mall LLC at 100 Genesee St., $500.

* Eric Johnson, bathroom remodel at 206-210 Seymour St., $4,000.

* Elite Electric Contractors LLC, kitchen remodel (plumbing not including) and bedroom remodel for owner EEC Developments LLC at 137-139 Osborne St., $3,000.

* Lori L. Patterson, install 12-by-24-feet garage at 15 Beach Ave., $5,348.

* Empire Construction of CNY LLC, remodel two rooms, install two windows and two doors for owner Gary Shernesky at 5 Wadsworth St., $12,000.

* Empire Construction of CNY LLC, remodel entire house for owner Michael E. Mahoney at 60 N. Fulton St., $22,000.

* Empire Construction of CNY LLC, bathroom remodel (plumbing not included) for owner Robert E. Brown at 49 Arterial W., $6,000.

* Diana Lamphere, kitchen remodel (plumbing not included) for owner Alexandre L. Veiga at 216 N. Marvine Ave., $19,000.